Monday, May 2, 2011

It's cheaper than Disneyland

I spend a significant amount of money keeping my tyrants entertained. Between the toys, the movies, the amusement parks and the trips... a lot of money goes to amusement. In fact, I even have an account JUST for amusement. The fun never lasts long enough, the toys don't last long enough, and my sanity for SURE doesn't last long enough. I see children's amusement only as a delay for kiddie crabbiness. I mean, don't we always feel like we're one bad activity away from a total crabby meltdown? Like the only reason why we take them to the movies and buy them toys is just to keep the Crankies away?  Ok maybe i'm the only one that feels that way... but still.

AHEM, anyways.........   This fantastic red Nissan Cube is my current rental car. I will have it for 3-4 days.  Both of my kids are currently going batty over it. They want to run errands. Not go to the park, or toy store, or movies. They want to run errands. They want to sit in the new car and drive around and get in and out of it. Who are these kids and what are they doing in my rental? Am I going to have to give them back along with the car? I haven't seen $29 a day cause so much excitement and joy before. They're already planning a drive to Target tomorrow. (I mean really, who can argue with that??)

I need to smush my car more often. Now while I'm not paying for the rental myself (thank you AAA) I am in fact paying the deductible for my car to be fixed. The upshot: That bumper needed to be replaced anyway (i'm not going to mention any names, but somebody had a humdinger of a time getting the car in and out of the garage without scratching it).
So really the only downside is that i'm out of pocket my deductible.  So let's break it down-

for the cost of my deductible I get:
a new bumper
3 or 4 days of purely joyous errand running
fun for me (seriously, who DOESN'T enjoy driving a new car?)

Yes, definitely less money than going to Disneyland, guess where the money is going to come from for the deductible..... YUP! The amusement account. ;)

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