Monday, April 2, 2012

Traveling and keeping my sanity

*I did not edit this post.

Well it's been awhile. Let me sum up:
We were moving Toronto. We got there, Mr. CEO's company was running smoothly without him, so we decided to go on vacation. We had shipped our car to Buffalo, NY so that's where we started our adventure.

So there it. We've been to upstate New York, Lake Place, all over Vermont (yes- i went to the Ben and Jerry's factory. Duh.), New Hamshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York city, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and now we're in en route to Virginia Beach.

  • Laundry- last night I did 2 loads at the hotel. The first laundry since I left home... 2 weeks ago.  Tired of your washer and dryer? Go on an extended road trip and we'll see how much you miss you them. You'll be crawling back on your hands and needs begging them to take you back. 
  • Food- a smart/good/judgey mom would tell you to pack  your car with healthy snacks and plenty of water. Well I'm none of those things. So we stop and eat at restaurants. No cooking and no cleaning. HELL YEAH! 
  • Time Change- We moved ahead an hour for day light savings. Then we literally moved 3 hours ahead to the east coast. That takes a LONG time to adjust to. We wake up at 10am, eat breakfast at noon, dinner at 8 bed at 11. It's all sorts of crazy. I'm fighting with myself on this. On the one hand, fuck it we're on vacation. On the other hand... I like a good, healthy routine. 
  • Kids- The trip has been the best thing for my kids. NOT ONCE have they whined or cried. We stop A LOT. We do lots of activities and go to museums and what not. Since they're only in Kindergarten and 1st grade we're doing some car-schooling. They enjoy the one on one help and we enjoy helping them. Also, we make sure to get hotels with pools. They swim their little asses off at night and then crash in bed. 
  • Excerice- hasn't happened  yet
  • Weight gain- plenty
  • Marriage- this can go two ways. You can become closer and work on your friendship or you can get so tired of each other that you consider flying to Vegas for a weekend just to get away from it all. Luckily Mr. CEO and I are best friends so we're having a great time. 
  • Culture- One of my favorite things about our travels is learning about other states and their cultures. We like to eat at local eateries to get a good feel for locals. Everyone on the East Coast is so incredibly nice. Everyone! I haven't come across one asshole yet. You know what they say about California people? That we were stuck up and superficial. And you know what? I kind of agree. (I said I KIND OF agree. Not 100% agree, but there IS some truth to it so shut up) I can see how we would come off that way. 
In summary.... I've seen beautiful places, I've seen dumpy place. I've eaten delicious food, I've eaten not so delicious food. I've met some nice people, and met even nicer people. I've learned that stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason (*cough* New Jersey *cough*). I've learned that my whole world is contained in 5ft x 12ft car.