Thursday, January 31, 2013

To write or not to write.....

I recently scored a writing job. A PAID writing job.  (I know right??) My skills are a bit rusty so I'm using my blog as a way to revamp my skills, get all my inappropriateness out of the way, and see if I can't sound more mature. -side note- inappropriateness is actually a word. Shocking, I know.

So here we go. Getting ready to write.


pressing enter

yes. i can feel the creative juices flowing...... maybe I shouldn't have quit drinking coffee....... oh maybe I can have some tea. Tea isn't so bad. Then I have to walk downstairs, boil the water, steep it, carry it up here.... no i don't need tea. I'm totally capable of doing this on my own. Just me and my head. My head and I? no, definitely me and my head.

Maybe I can write about something that has happened to me recently. Something... scandalous? No nothing scandalous going on. Something annoying? No, people get annoyed every day, they don't want to hear me complain. Hmmmmmmm. Jeez I really need a manicure.  DAMMIT FOCUS, LADY!

OK. For real this time. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand ACTION!

On deciding what to write I will list the things I do NOT want to write about.

  • yes! bullet points! I love me some bullet points. 
  • Complaining. None of that. I am a grown woman. 
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .

I'll come back to that. OK, maybe things I AM willing to write about.
  • Food? Possibly. 
  • Recipes? Perhaps.
  • Wine? Well DUH.
  • New year's resolutions? 
SEE?!?! This is why I quit blogging in the first place. Maybe i will stick to videos. I hope my new employer doesn't mind videos.