Friday, May 6, 2011

Birthday Party Debt

Bounce houses, petting zoos, cotton candy machines, clowns making animal balloons, gift bags, food, games, prizes, rentals and so on and so forth.
 I'm totally over my kids birthday parties and I haven't even planned them yet. I figured since this would be the year that they would REALLY remember a big blowout I would just go for it. Balls to the walls. Go big or go home. I would combine their parties to get the most bang for my buck. About 40 kids. 

 As I started making phone calls and placing reservations I could hear the cost adding up and adding up. ca-ching, ca-ching, ca-ching. and not in a fun, Indian casino kind of way. 
Crack on a stick
It was more of a falling down a dark bottomless well kind of sound.  The sound of a vacuum sucking their college fund and our 401K away.  

 The more I hear my bank account being flushed like a toilet the less I want to do a party.  Funny how these sounds can really put things into perspective. It's not just the cost, you know. But like, the HASSLE. The organizing, the planning, the inviting kids you don't like, and ALL OF IT.  I realize that event planner is in my title but COME ON.   It is getting ridiculous.

So I started coming up with all the reasons NOT to do it. Like, because my autistic child can't handle a birthday party for longer than 2 hours anyway. We always have to leave early because 
1) he had too much sugar 
2) he gets too stimulated and
3) there is no alcohol in sight. (ok that's my excuse for leaving early)
Seriously? I'm going to put all that work into a 2 hour party?

So I'm thinking and thinking and I think I'm going to scrap the whole thing. No big, over the top party. Instead just a little get together with all the stuff they really need and a little of what they want. (I know what you're thinking "why didn't you just plan that in the first place, genius?"  but you don't know where I live or the people my kids go to school with. You don't know the kind of intense pressure I'm under! We've been invited to 5 parties in 5 months. Each party topping the last!)
 Anyway I would much rather put the time, energy and cost of getting them new clothes and bikes and stuff  than entertaining a bunch of people I have lukewarm feelings toward.
Jesus i'm exhausted just typing this all out.  I suppose this party nonsense will just have to be continued....


  1. I am currently planning two birthday parties and I know what you mean about the cost. My problem is that I love all the details and have a hard time drawing the line of when enough is enough. I have decided that by keeping the guest list small, I can do what I want without having to spend too much. We'll see how it turns out.


  2. Sphish my Dad use to say you have $100 for your birthday if you want to throw a party we'll use it for that or you can have the $100 and buy what you want...needless to say I had very few birthday parties I wanted the CASH!!!! I think now that my kids are 6 and older this is sounding like a much cheaper option and I am sure they will want the cash just as much as I did and I don't miss not having the parties AT ALL :)