Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The silly little girl that lives in my house

Well, she's actually my daughter. But still, quite silly.

Actual things I have had to say to her this week alone:

  • I realize you want to wear a skirt, but you must wear panties
  • Please do not take the bacon with you when you go to the bathroom
  • Stop biting your toenails
  • yes you are a big girl, but not big enough to need tampons. please take them out of your purse
  • I agree, I am a genius
  • you want everyone in the WHOLE world to listen to you, right now?
  • it seems easy enough yes, but there is a lot of work involved flying to the moon
  • you want to sleep on the couch? are you a sorority girl all of a sudden?
  • are these your panties on the front porch?!?!
  • first of all, you can't poop in the tub. second of all you can NOT put it in your brother's hair!!!
  • you're right, I AM the best mom ever because I let you have ice cream for dinner. 


  1. Okay. I peed myself. I have three boys, so I don't know the "girl" end of the spectrum, but it doesn't seem to be that much different from puppy dog tails. This is hilarious!! I'm glad that you are as sarcastic with your children as I am!! Thanks for the laugh!

  2. Hmmm...several panty comments. Sounds a lot like my house. :)