Monday, June 23, 2014

Brisbane! Day 6

Dearest Reader,

You look beautiful as always. I would like to tell you about day 6 now if that's ok with you. It is? Lovely. Let's get started.

Good Morning Surfer's Paradise! Today started with a lovely sunrise on the Gold Coast.

Sunrise is such a peaceful time of day. I rather like it.

We didn't get many pictures from today. We walked along the beach which goes on for MILES. We drove  around this cute little town and stopped so the kids could play at the park.

We weaved ourselves in and out of the water ways, of which there are many.

Fun fact: the birds here are LOUD.

                  This guy in particular is the LOUDEST. Very pretty song. but again, very very loud. 

After some fun in the sun we piled back into the car for our journey to Brisbane. Before we left though we stopped for a quick bite to eat which made me SO SICK. And not a working bathroom in sight. It was awesome. I'll save you the details but let's just say 6th try is the charm.  I was sick the whole drive here. 

Moving on.....

The Wheel of Brisbane. Not as big as the eye of London but it is one of the largest in the SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE. That makes it sound like a big deal but if you consider what IS in the southern hemisphere it's less impressive.

Fun little ride it goes around 4 times explaining all the landmarks within eye sight. So pretty at night.
Not very crowded. Half price from 5-6pm. That's the sweet spot.

This walkway goes for MILES. It's a metal structure that they've planted climbing  plants next to. It's lit up at night and so frigging pretty.

On the Wheel.

Geez look how big my boob looks. wow. I'll wear this shirt more often.

Just a pic from up top.
That's on the north side.
(the wheel is technically on Southbank)

View of Southbank

Different angle.


These walkways. They are so COOL!!!!

Why can't all downtown areas be this nice, you know?
I can't imagine it was this hard to implement.

There are all these grassy areas everywhere. I took more pictures but since it was dark you can't really get the full effect so I'll post daytime pics on tomorrow's blog.
 Hey guy.

(note the bare feet: those flip flops give him blisters. he has yet to throw them out because they were expensive. I said "they've been giving you blisters for 3 years.... you've got your money's worth")

Because why WOULN'T you light up the kids playground at night????

OMG finally a decent meal. Pork chop with horseradish mash, sauerkraut and brussel sprouts.
And a glass of shiraz.
Of course.

The kids had steak and SKINNY FRIES!!! HURRAY!!!

Just like London, Australia has those big fat fries. "chips" as they like to refer to them as.

Aiden does not like chips.

I love them.

Aiden finished his food but wanted more fries.

Greg had a talk with his tummy about this. He didn't believe that the tummy had more room for fries.

The tummy told him that there was a chocolate bar and marshmallows still digesting.

Go figure.
Then we hopped in a cab and headed back to the hotel where a long over due shower awaited me. 

Can't wait to explore the city in the light of day. 

Until then my sweet, beautiful, gentle, fluffy, wonderful reader. 


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