Monday, May 23, 2011

virtual tip jar

Yes, they came out with a virtual tip jar. It's a gadget you put on your blog (for those of us using blogger) and it's a shopping cart. People put in the amount of money they want to send you, and they pay you. or "tip" you rather.

I don't know, putting ads on your site is one thing, but a tip jar? really? Did I bring your order with a friendly smile? Did I clean up after your messy kid? Did I drive you to the airport? Why the hell would someone want to tip a blogger? No I'm serious, why would they? I'm curious.


  1. I thought it was a bit chessy myself, but, I guess it might work for some. I would feel weird doing it, I have seen some on other blogs. I guess it's the equivlent of playing a gutiar on the street with a hat. I guess you wont' be doing it either! Take care!

  2. I would tip you!! lol... I think that might come across as just a little greedy...????