Thursday, May 12, 2011

Busy Momma

This was me on Tuesday.
Action packed week over here. And not in a "I just broke up with my boyfriend" fun kind of way. Anyone who says a stay at home mom doesn't work can eat my knuckle sandwich. 

Sometimes being a mom is HARD work. And sometimes trying to be funny all the time is even HARDER work. And sometimes writing a funny blog is the HARDEST of them all. So bare with me as I lose my sense of humor to my life raising children and running the household. It is annoying, taxing, patience testing, and sometimes induces bleeding of the ears. (I accidentally typed "arse" instead of ears... boy can you IMAGINE? I would have had my uterus removed years ago)
 As a mom there are many things we have to do. Sometimes very simple day to day tasks will make you want to keep a nip of jim beam in your pocket at all times. Just in case.

I put up with a lot of shit this week. I was able to keep my chin up and smile until I got home and took it out on my crafts. (I believe some people call them "voodoo" dolls but look, I'm not very religious so I don't get that whole thing) Anyway this is a blog about being a mommy and mommy moments and the need for Xanax.... in IV form and running errands, and meeting ass-hats who can throw a wrench into your day and completely fuck it up, and trying to be funny about all of it. You know that saying "one day you'll look back and laugh". I'm waiting for that day. Because when it does come- I will blog about it. 

Hopefully my frustration won't come out turning my posts into bitchy rants soaked in kerosene and then lit on fire. No promises though. 


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