Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I am not above frozen dinners

I freaking LOVE the frozen lasagnas from Costco. No joke. AND i'm Italian. AND I know how to make my own lasagna. Have you ever made lasagna? It takes HOURS. That's not even the time spent in an oven!

So one day out of the blue I picked up one of those frozen bad boys and took it home. It's thick and the ratio of sauce : cheese : pasta is perfect.  I actually served one of these up at a dinner party I had. Unfortunately in went into the oven later than I wanted and so the middle of it was warm. Ugh sooooo so so so so so embarrassing.

Anyway the reason why i'm telling you this is because Monday I was not feeling so hot and I remembered I had this in the freezer. BAM! Dinner. I was totally able to catch up with the Real Housebitcheswives.
For a family of 4 that eats normal portions it is perfect. Add veggies and a salad and it will last longer. But really, I'm heating a frozen freaking dinner why the HELL would I spend the time A) cutting up veggies and/or B) cutting up stuff for salad. That completely defeats the purpose.

This post really has no point. I just wanted to let you know that hey, we ALL feel like slacking off sometimes.  And what better way to slack off then to bake a prepared meal with questionable ingredients from unknown sources.   You know, Costco should be paying me for this. Bastards.

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