Monday, May 9, 2011

Bacteria, it's what's for dinner

I cleaned my refrigerator today. I do it regularly but not as often as it needs to be done. Does that make sense? I clean it once a month but I should be cleaning it out once a week. I'm so gross. I disgust myself. Well I had to clean it out because I went to Costco today so of course I needed to make room for my 10lb tub of cottage cheese and the like.

What ever nastiness spilled in my fridge.... It is gross.  And by gross I mean raw chicken juice dried and caked. *heave* I think I just threw up a little in my mouth just recalling that.  Long story short- when chicken juice dries it turns to cement. I had to pull out my hazmat suite (which I normally reserve for cleaning the car or my kids rooms), gloves, baking soda, bleach and very loud music so I would think I was somewhere else. The glass was totally stuck to the rim. The bottom shelf thingy that holds the crisper drawers. Totally gross.

Even though it was a totally disgusting cleaning endeavor it was SOOOOO satisfying. Just, one of those unexpected cleaning moments where you regain your mojo and realize that you are master of your own house and no germ will get the best of you?? Yeah I was totally having that moment. My fridge just sat there... shiny, clean and fresh. What a glorious sight. It's the little things you know?

the only gross disgusting mess I have to worry about now is the one on my kitchen floor. I was literally throwing things out of the fridge like a dog digging a hole for a bone. At one point I might have yelled "HUT HUT, HIKE!" and chucked a week old ham across the room.

Of course I should probably be cleaning it up now... but I'm not. I'm sitting here on my computer telling you about my day and my small victory against E.boli.

Ok ok ok, FINE. I'll go clean it up now.....

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  1. Why am I always eating when I read things that gross me out...hum, maybe it's because I'm always eating?

    Lisa, I know that sticky-stuck mess you're talking about, it's sitting, waiting in my fridge to be freed...and I'm sure E-coli is in there someplace with E-boli, botulism, trench mouth, and salmonvaniliafootfungalosous.