Saturday, May 28, 2011

Word of the Day




1) having a pleasant flavor. This cosmo sure is tasty, I can't even taste the alcohol!
2) attractive. John Hamm is so tasty.

*side note- if you look at the word "tasty" and repeat it enough times... you begin to think it should be pronounced "tasss-tee", and then it sounds dirty.
**double side note- does this picture make him look like Hugh Jackman? They could be brothers right? Hot brothers. Maybe hot, ass kicking, advertiser brothers? John would be the cool as a cucumber one, and Hugh would be the rogue brother who is angry about something we don't know yet but we'll find out in the prequel. Hugh wants to use his brawn while John uses his brain and his powers of seduction. Together they fight the forces of big corporations and evil tyrants. No wait, that's the same thing... Anyway they are hot, shirtless (hugh) suited (john) and fight in the name of Good.  Are you listening to this Hollywood?? Movie GOLD. Your welcome.

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