Sunday, May 8, 2011

It's OK, I'm a scientist

Obviously my mother's day was fantastic. I will spare you the details lest you get totally jealous, hate me, and forever ignore me.
BUT, I WILL tell you that my husband (at my request) took me to our local mexican restaurant. Champagne was FREE FIFTYFREE. (the first one)

So my second round of mimosas went something like this:

1st born "MOM, I need to try your orange juice"
me "you can't"
1st born "MOM, it's ok, i'm a drink scientist. I need to do a test"
me "well I can't argue with science" I gave him a sip of my O.J. glass (lucky for me the restaurant gave me a mini bottle of champagne, and a separate small glass of O.J. All of a sudden I'm a bartender now?)
1st born "AHHH. That's good stuff"

Indeed it was. 2 orders of mimosas later (6 ACTUAL mimosas later, given the size of the "white sparkling wine" bottle) I was well on my way to the best mother's day ever. The kind where I sit on the deck in my fuzzy headed oblivion watching the whales migrate while Big Daddy folds clothes, feeds kids, and orders 30 Rock from our Netflix instant queue. (We're only on season 2. I know, I know...)

My daughter arranged a tea party in my name. Who cares that I actually had to get out the good china, make tea and scones (thank you bisquick) and set up a lavish tea party. I was able to sport my new apron. It was beautiful. Yes I bought it for myself and who cares? Anyway, like I was saying.... Chamomile tea always does the trick on my youngsters. 2 cups of tea later they are walking a crooked line to the bath slurring something about "the goat ate my shoe" and "but I didn't say goodnight to the moon!"

Who knows what really happened. I was washing my face and brushing my teeth while Big Daddy put the kiddies to bed. I will remember this day FOREVER. Or at least until the next mother's day when my kids need to do a scientific test of my orange juice. 

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