Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What's that smell?

"What's that smell?" A game where there are no winners.

Right? Mommas, you with me on this one? Usually the game is played in the car, in the kids room and in the front entryway. (am I missing any places?) For me the game was in the main part of the house and it lasted 3 days.
3 days. 3 glorious, smelly days.

I have a reverse floor plan in my house. (master bedroom, kitchen and living room) Everything cool is upstairs except the washer and dryer. So I keep a laundry basket upstairs for all the dirty laundry that accumulates upstairs.

I'm pretty sure you can see where this story is going. Long story short a smell starts wafting through the house. Day 1 is subtle at first, but gaining speed and strength as the clock ticks the passage of time.

Fast forward to day 2. My daughter left a blanket on our patio. In the rain. I brought it in and threw it on the pile.  Now the smell is gaining more speed and more strength. I was expecting a play date in 2 hours. So I put the offending basket in my bedroom. (Why didn't you just do your god damn laundry?? that's what you're thinking isn't it? go ahead. admit it. well just so you  know when i'm working under pressure I start to use less of my brain. OK?)
I put up an air freshener and crossed my fingers. The smell left. Ok, now I know it's DEFINITELY in the laundry. It's probably that stupid blanket.

Day 3 (today). I move the laundry out of my bedroom and into the living room. (why don't you just do your god damn laundry?? That's what you're thinking. But what you don't know is that I'm terribly lazy. No, scratch that. I'm terribly busy doing other things that pertain to the maintenance and upkeep of my house. Like checking up on celebrity gossip)

I finally get to the laundry... after asking my daughter if she needed to poop 3 times and dry heaving once (I thought she might be the cause of the offending smell). I start to load the washer with linens. Because i'm SURE it's the blanket. In the wash they go.... it's not the blanket. (hee hee, spell check changed blanket to "blunt" I laughed and snorted. it was funny)

Ok, so now that we've played a whole round of "What's that smell?" are you ready for the answer?

It was a dish towel that was used to clean up spilled milk. From Sunday. Yup. The smell was every bit of awesome as you can imagine.
No points will be awarded this round but stick around for the next game of "Where's my keys?"


  1. eeeww! Once we had a "smell" . . . it ended up being an Easter Egg (as in real hard boiled) that was under a chair in our living room. (two months after Easter)

  2. I think that I just laughed so hard I snorted reading this! Oh, we've all been there, and I really thought it was only me!! My "smells" are usually in the car and drive me absolutely insane. Just tonight I picked up a girlfriend and said, "mind the smell, I have no clue what it is"!! lol

  3. Amber played the same game yesterday. She asked Ella if she pooped at school (because apparently my 6yr old does not feel the need to wipe). She kept sniffing and sniffing trying to find the source. I started laughing at her and threw a pillow I was sitting on at her. It hit her in the face and sheer terror appeared. She picked up the pillow and looked at me. It was the pillow all along. Apparently, I had a serious case of stink ass going!

  4. oh lorenzo.... i have no words.....