Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Why do YOU drink?

We all have our reason. Some don't drink, they eat ice cream. Some meditate. Some count to 10. We all have our go to's for certain things. Today I'm doing drinking. Mostly because I'm trying to dry out. This bloated catfish thing is NOT a good look for me.
So here's a list of types of drinkers and their reasons.

Frat boy: Drink till she's cute

Mom: Drink till they're quiet

Dad: Drink till you can't think about work anymore

Husband: Drink till she gets to the point

Wife: Drink till you're horny

High School student: Drink till they think you're cool

Bum: Drink till you're warm

Performer: Drink till your stage fright goes away

Alcoholic: Drink till the shakes go away

Socialite: Drink till you flash your Hoo-Ha

Best Friends: Drink till you're crying

Business Meeting: Drink till they stop ordering

Mel Gibson: Drink till they pull you over

Catholic: Drink till the priest stops pouring

Mormon: Don't drink

Christian: Drink till you stop judging others for drinking

Jewish: Drink till you find out it's not Kosher

Anyone who got offended by any of these: Drink till the stick falls out of your ass


  1. I'm just drinkin' cause my bloggy friend keeps posting these "How to" vlogs and it all just looks so damn good that I HAVE to try the recipes!!