Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dear crazy grandparents at the beach

I am HEATED about this. This is a full on bitch rant. You've been warned. 

Dear Poppy, and grandma (at least, that what the 18 month old was calling you)

The sand is FUCKING HOT. Your grand baby is not crying because she is a brat, she is crying because the sand is burning through 2 layers on her thin baby skinned feet. You look like careless, abusive, idiot jagoffs. When I went over to you to suggest the sand is hot and maybe you should help her out [I opened up with "this is non of my business.... BUT,"] because my 5 and 7 year olds were doing the hot sand dance, you blatantly ignored my plea. I hope you break your fucking hip you heartless bastards.

A lady who is going to buy your granddaughter shoes.

NO joke. After the grandpa said "no she's fine" I walked away. Then I heard all the other beach goers pipe up "c'mon grandpa! The sand is too hot!" and what not. She was barefoot, in a bathing suit wearing a sun hat. Every time she tried to take a step on the hot sand she screamed bloody murder. WTF?!?!   You're going to tell me that that's OK? That's "she's fine" when obviously she isn't? I'm HEATED PEOPLE!! TOTALLY HEATED ABOUT THIS.

*on a side note. My daughter forgot her shoes. I gave her mine. Halfway to the car she said she was OK and that I could have my shoes back. What a toughie. Then again, the girl hates to wear shoes.... EVER. Does anyone else find pairs and pairs and pairs of shoes and socks in the car? Why? We're in the car 5 minutes and she's already peeling everything off her feet. I'm like, We're late because I waited for you to get your socks and shoes on. Now we're more late because I have to wait again for you to put your socks and shoes on AGAIN. ugh. Why can't they make shoes like they make mittens? With a string that attaches them to the belt or something.


  1. Oh my gosh!! That would have pissed me off so freaking bad!!! Poor little girl! Errr!!!

  2. You should have dragged his old shriveled ass onto the sand, making him stand in it barefoot, and then asked him again if he thought PERHAPS the sand was too hot! WHAT A DOUCHE!! I HATE HATE HATE people who parent (or grandparent) badly. By the way? My boys are presently mixing me a frozen Margarita....it's fucking HOT outside. But never fear...as they are using my mixer with the razor sharp blades? THEY are wearing shoes. I'm good like that.

  3. Good for you! Don't you love how stupid and idiotic people are in this world? Poor baby....

  4. Lola made me almost spit my coffee out too funny!

    Oh Lisa that story sucks not only did you step out and try to help but to be shut down and then have to watch that poor baby suffer YIKES.. and if you ever see the Gundry at the beach the one crying about the hot sand is ALWAYS my husband and he is fine other then he is a bit of a baby!!

  5. I'd have liked to have taken that grandpa yanked down his trunks and parked his bare ASS in the sand for a bit. Bet it hasn't seen sunshine in quite some time. Maybe then he'd have some compassion.

  6. Just curious, did the grandparents have shoes on? Oh I would have been so freaking pissed!