Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The story of us.

Since my Beloved has been gone for a week and will be gone until Friday I thought I would share with you, Our Story.

Just so you know, I typed out the whole story and it was 1,000,000 words. This is the mini version.

I was 23. I went to Vegas. I met HIM. He was 34. We spent 48 solid hours together upon meeting. I knew 5 hours after meeting him that he was the man I would marry. Discussed getting married then and there. Decided against. I was living in San Diego, He was in the Bay area. The following weekend I flew to Bay Area. Spent an incredibly romantic weekend with him. 3 weeks later, he proposed. 2 weeks later I packed up my life, left my friends and family behind and moved in with him. 5 months later I was pregnant. 4 months later we were married. 8 years later we are still together, with 3 children. 1 his, 2 ours. Happier than ever, more in love than ever, and better friends then we ever were. He is the love of my life, my dream man, and my soul mate.

(I've never been able to tell that story so quickly. I must remember this.)

So there it is. A passionate, whirlwind love affair.

I had to get that out there so that I could get it off my mind. Now I can go back to writing ridiculous stories about my kids, and bad drivers, and crazy family members.


  1. My husband and I grew up 1 mile apart, met through a mutual friend 500 miles away on seperate business trips. I quit my job and went to work with him, traveled all over the Midwest and never left.
    We got an apartment and a dog 9 months later, had a daughter on our 3 yr anniversary, and married 3 yrs later.
    This Dec will be 12 years.