Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I have a dream

Remember when you were little, and you would dream about being a princess? (or a stripper or whatever) Then as you got older and started dating you would fantasize about what it would be like to be married? You envision the dress, the guests, the handsome husband... all that. Then you met a guy you were really into... and then you couldn't stop dreaming about your wedding to him.

Ok so now your married to stud muffin. Now you're dreaming about having... a baby. Awwwwww, a little baby. A little DNA mixer of the two love birds. You picture the nursery, the baby clothes, walking them to the first day of school. Then of course you have toddlers and you start dreaming about the day the graduate and move out.

AHEM, moving on.....

So this is what I dream about..... Owning my own home.

My husband and I moved to Santa Cruz on the notion that we would only be here a year. We always planned on leaving. 8 years later, we're still here. It has become home to us, but we still feel like we're only here temporarily, so why the hell would we buy something?

Back to my dream. Every house we've ever rented I've fantasized about remodeling it. Now look, I'm not an idiot... I know better than to remodel a house. (My friend is STILL taking medication after her remodel) It's just the idea of owning it and doing whatever the F I want to do to it.  I want a house with a yard. Front AND back. I want an entire room dedicated to the love of laundry.  With a sink, a counter, storage area and this.  I want a kitchen that is not cut off from the living room or dining room. I could go on and on with my specifications. So I'll stop there.

Hubs says "what would you do differently in a house we owned than what you're doing to our rentals?" What is he talking about? Well.... I've sort of done a lot of painting. All the bedrooms, the living room, the upstairs trim, the ceiling downstairs, and one of the bathrooms. I've also hammered many nails into many walls. We've installed shelving into closets, laundry rooms and living rooms. We've taken out closet doors, changed out blinds, and changed numerous light fixtures. He's right. What would I do differently short of a remodel?

Now, I know what you homeowners are thinking "it's not all it's cracked up to be". You're right. I have the benefit of calling the electrician/plumber/appliance man anytime something goes wrong, and the bill gets sent somewhere else. The only time I pay is if it was something that was the direct cause of something we did. We don't have to pay HOA's. We don't pay for the windows to be redone. etc.etc. We pay our utilities and rent.

Wait, so let me get this straight, financially I live like a rental.... but physically I live like I own the joint. AM I INSANE?!?! I want to rent forever! Nevermind, it's not a "dream" so much as it is a "delusional vision".

(I'm glad we were able to work through that together. Thanks for holding my hand)

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  1. ah anytime and your right sounds to me like you got the dream. I have seen your bar so that is sweet little pad you got there!