Saturday, June 18, 2011

Odds and Ends

I had a really controversial topic today. I'm not doing it because it's not really my style. I prefer to talk about controversial things in person. Where I can get a good debate volleying back and forth between some idiot who doesn't know what they're talking about and the person I'm talking to.  I LOVE controversy. The trick to these discussions though is actually hearing your opponent out. You HAVE to listen to their side completely.
There is your lesson for the day.

When I was thinking about my plan B blog topic I started browsing my drafts. Bits and pieces, ideas jotted down, that sort of thing. So I'm going to put them in here. It will make NO SENSE. These are actual drafts: (It will be obvious why they never became full posts)

  • "Botox"-[YES, I was going to do an entire post on my love of Botox] I love Botox. LOVE IT. Super love it. I only do it twice a year and I only do my forehead.  I leave the spot above my eyebrows alone because if you know me, you know my face is VERY expressive. My eyebrows being the most active........
  • "My House Has a Revolving Door"- Remember when having a revolving door in your house meant you were slutty? Now it's just means you have lots of company. 6 weekends in a row I've had house guests. Considering turning my pad into a B&B. I know what you're thinking "gee Lisa, with all those house guests you should have more funny posts". And you're right. Unfortunately they all read my blog. So I can't write about that......
  • "I Hate 3D"- I thought maybe I could take the kids to the movies. Yes! Movie theatre right next door, playing times.... ooh! In 10 minutes, let's roll kids! Sorry ma'am. The 1pm show is in 3D. (and will cost $358) The 2D show doesn't play for another hour and a half. SERIOUSLY!?
  • "Urban Legends"- *finished laundry *clean car *kids that eat healthy *debt free *normal neighbors

So there. My "get out of blogging free" card for today. It's a quilt of a blog post. A smorgasbord of bloggy thoughts. Bits and pieces that otherwise would never have seen the light of day, or the caress of your beautiful eyeballs. Yeah, I know. It's a weak excuse for a post. Cut me some slack, I haven't even had coffee yet. Biatch. 
*Hubs is finally home! So what, pray tell, will I be doing?? Going out for drinks with my girlfriend. Because I EARNED IT. *


  1. You are cute! I should do one of these...I do the same thing sometimes and decide against posting things...and most of the things I'd like to blog-vent about I can't because they read my blog!! Eek!


  2. I was considering doing a post like this earlier this week.... I had so many half thoughts.. ideas of things I would love to blurt out but that really don't make a post.. I love that you did this!! It could be a meme!!!
    I also hate 3D..... and so want BOTOX!!!!
    Have fun tonight!