Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Top Ten Items for the Beach

Top Ten things you need with you when you go to the beach with kids:

Beach towels. OBVIOUSLY. I always bring an extra + a hand towel.

My friend Michelle taught me this one. Baby powder gets the sand off body parts. Awesome mom tip.

Look, we're not getting any younger and sunblock can only do so much.


Bring plenty of reading materials.

Snacks. Here's a tricky one. I don't pack snacks. If they get hungry, we leave. Feed them before you go.

Binoculars. DUH, for the DILF's at the beach. Oh, or to find your kid. Yeah, that one too.

Bring plenty of water. Dehydration is no joke.

Spray on sunblock! This is my favorite.
Goopy sunblock + sand = disaster

Isn't this a given?

Leave at home anything that requires a second bag. (unless you have a second person to carry it) You're going to the god damn beach, not a weekend away at grandmas.

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  1. That baby powder tip is cool. I have to try that one out.