Monday, June 6, 2011

While the Cat's away.....

My husband is leaving town for a week. Of course I'll miss him, but by the time I do finally miss him, he'll be back already. So I'm making a list of the awesome things I'm going to to, or not do while he's gone.

1) Make dinner at 4pm.  He usually gets home super late, so we eat dinner at 8 or 8;30. and that cuts into my nighttime TV time.

2) Go to bed at 9. Crazy right? I relish going to bed early. I have no need/desire/reason to go to bed any later. My kids wake up at 7am every morning so, why would I stay up late?

3) Skip dinner for at least 3 nights. I have no problem eating sandwiches/hot dogs/salad for dinner. I don't even have a problem eating breakfast for dinner. Luckily, neither do my kids.

4) Skip cleaning. At least that 5pm mad dash around the house to make it look like you spent all day cleaning. yeah, I'm totally skipping that.

5) I may have the kids keep me company in my bed ol' bed. But they have to EARN it!

6) Two words: Male Strippers  (I realize that this is twice now i've mentioned male strippers in my blog. Don't over analyze it)

7) I am going to watch a chick flick EVERY DAY. Maybe even TWICE a day. (I'm talking about you, Burlesque)

8) I'm going to catch up on my shows. I missed the muther effing OC finale last night. This just means I'm going to have to catch it on a rerun. DON'T TELL MY ANYTHING. I want to be surprised.

9) I will still sleep on  my side of the bed. Mostly because that's where the groove is that I've made. If I slept anywhere else I would roll right back down in it anyway.

10) I'm going to wear my granny panties EVERY.DAY. because they are so comfy, and I won't need to be sexy.

11) I am going to work out every day so that when he comes home he'll be all "wow honey you look really good" and I'll say "I know, you should leave more often"
(I'm totally kidding honey. I know you're reading this) ((actually, #11 is a total lie, but I'm going to tell him I did it)) (((wait, he's reading this right now... crap. Well now he's not going to know WHAT to believe. muahahahahahaha))) {no, he'll definitely know I didn't work out, he'll be all "I see you were on the wine diet while I was gone" and he'll poke my belly button and I'll go "hee hee" like the pillsbury dough boy}

So there it is.  My list of to-do's and not-to-do's.


  1. Now I want my hubby to go away!!! lol
    What a life it would be if they went away a few times a month, eh?!! #4 is my favourite.... I'm so bad for sitting on my ass all day and then 5pm hits and I clean like mad!!!

  2. Yo, LADY! I just awarded you...calm down, it's not wine OR chocolate,
    (-sigh- I know) but if you want to stop by my newest post, then you can claim your fame you lucky lady you!!

  3. Great minds think alike! I just awarded you too!!! Your wine is in the mail!