Friday, June 3, 2011

The Physics of Wine

I got this idea from Paula Poundstone. She does this bit about how it's so easy to eat an entire box of pop tarts. I would find the link but that would mean more time on the computer and less time with my kids. On second thought... let me go track it down....
No! I gotta stay focused.
So here it is. How you end up drinking a bottle of wine.

The first glass you pour is usually a larger than normal glass.
After the first glass you feel nice and warm and fuzzy, loosened up. You think, "I like this feeling, let's feel this feeling some more"
So now you pour your second glass.
Ahh yes, let the texting/facebooking/blogging/tweeting begin.
Glass number three actually slips in while you're not looking. You're mid status update and realize your glass is empty. You don't even think about what number you're on. Just that you're still thirsty.
So you pour glass number troi.
Well now you're left with a small amount in the bottle, can't leave it all alone
in there right? Not worth pumping all the air out.
At this point you pour glass number four. Which is really just a tiny bit. Not enough to even call a full glass. (You tell yourself this to make yourself feel better)
You consider opening another bottle. Decide against it because after all, you are pregnant and you want to go easy. .
I'm totally kidding.

So there you have it, how you consume a whole bottle of wine. You can't argue with science.
Just give it a little clickity click click


  1. That pretty much sums it up - succinct, bold and true. You're a gutsy lady and an intriguing blogger, and to show my admiration I have given you my pick for The Versatile Blogger award over at Lala Musings: The Versatile Blogger. Drop by to pick up your due rewards. You're awesome!

    Lala :-)

  2. Tollaly agree with yer assessesments an sciencific findlings...hiccup.

  3. SO glad to know I'm not alone! And I actually read an article once that said people who consumed regularly (which, naturally, I took to mean "daily") have LESS chance of liver problems than those who consume less frequently. So, I figure I'm doing myself a huge favor by drinking wine (be it glass, or bottle) daily :D