Friday, June 24, 2011

Champagne Cocktails

Listen up people... this video is four and a half minutes long. In the world of online entertainment that is a LONG time. Sorry. It's hard to edit videos after you've sucked down a gallon's worth of booze.

To all my non-boozing followers.... don't feel left out. I've got something for you guys coming soon. =)

if you can't see it here and need to go to youtube then click here


orange juice
vanilla vodka
whipped cream vodka

Berry Daquiri Champagne
strawberry juice
lychee liquor
pomegranate liquor
chambord liquor
cointrou liquor (i don't think i spelled that right)
squeeze of lime.
Combine above ingredients in a shaker with ice. shake
Put 3 raspberries in a champagne glass, add shaker contents (no ice)
add champagne.
get drunk.
Apple Pie Champagne
apple juice
goldschlagger (there is not way to say that word without sounding drunk)

Kind of a Kir Royale Champange
little squeeze of lime

Cranberry champagne
lychee liquor
cranberry juice

1 comment:

  1. Are you a bartender or just a lush? Either one is totally cool with me. I need to go stock up my bar so that I can make some of these treats! They look SOOOOO good!