Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What to do, what to do

Anyone who knows me, knows I'm not the most proactive parent around. I do stuff with my kids... but it's not consistent. Lately I've been trying to find really inexpensive ways to entertain my children. And wouldn't you know it, I've found A LOT of inexpensive things.
I'm going to do something very out of the ordinary right now. I'm going to tell you what I've been doing, things I have planned and kids activity ideas.  Believe me- after these activities... my kids PASS OUT. Yours will too.

  1. walk. Crazy huh? We walk everywhere. We walk to the farm, through the redwoods, to the farmers market. I'm trying to get them used it. Trying to take them for longer distances to build up their stamina. Walking them wears them out more than the park does. Bonus- I don't have to put up with other people's asshole kids. 
  2. Ikea. 45 minutes of FREE babysitting. After I drop them off, I find a nice living room, sit down and read my book. Maybe even take a nap in one of the bedrooms. Then I'll check my Facebook on my laptop at a really nice home office room. Bonus- when we're done, I feed them a hot dog for 50 cents each. 
  3. The airport. Parking is usually $10 for an hour. It's already full of chaos, so it's not like your running, screaming kids are going to be noticed. Let them "ride" the horizontal escalator. (what the hell is that thing called??) Back and forth, back and forth. They never tire of it. Also- there are a lot of shops open before you hit security. For a small price you can buy them a pack of gum. What kid doesn't like gum?? Also, airports are fairly large.... so they have to walk. A LOT. 
  4. Feed the fish.... or the birds, or the ducks. We live near a "lagoon" it's a preserved wetland and it has this walkway in it. In the water live tons of fish. This is a great way to rid your cupboards and bread box of old food.  Feeding the fish and letting your kids run laps around the nearest lake while you read a book is a great time. 
  5. Find a local farm and ask them if they can show your kids how farming works. Your kids will get an educational experience, learn the value of hard work, and you may get some free greens out of it. Bonus- If you help.... you'll get a chance to work on your tan. 
  6. Weed pulling. This is easier than you think it is. You tell the kids that mutant grass is growing and it's going to take over the lawn/garden/walkway. Only a few people are born with the ability to pull them out of the ground. You wonder if they have the ability. You are shocked and amazed that YOUR children have the power. You make them promise to only use their powers for good. Bonus- children's gardening tools are very inexpensive. They love tools. 
  7. Waterballons + mailman = FUN. Make sure you have a 2 story for this one. Never aim it AT the mailman. Always to the side, front, or back. If it is an exceptionally hot day... he will love it. He will chuckle and give a little wave. You are awesome for keeping the mailman cool. 
  8. Swimming. Tell your kids there are invisible sharks/eels in the water. They will swim and kick and paddle till their little hearts leap right out of their chest. Great exercise for them, great tan for you! *toy snakes optional*
So there you have it. Just a few ideas for the long summer days. 

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  1. Haha, you are hilarious! I like #s 6 & 7! :-)

    As for the "horizontal sidwalk" do they have an official name? We always called them moving sidewalks haha ;-)