Monday, June 13, 2011

Snapping out of it

Why haven't I been posting? (I'm completely convinced you guys actually care and might even have been worried. *side note- have you guys ever noticed how terrible my grammar is? and my usage of mixed tenses? Guh. I need to take a creative writing class)
Anywhooooooo...... I've been MIA because I've been in these really bummer moods lately.  Every time I go to write something it starts with "Dear Diary...." and ends up being some sad, sappy journal entry that talks about my feelings and other boring stuff. I'm trying to shake all that stuff off. This post is my attempt at doing that. If I start to whine, or complain, or get negative... then slap me.

School is out so I've been busy, doing that thing.... what's it called? When you have kids, and you raise them? Starts with a P. Puh pah poh puh puh ppppp...... PARENTING! That's it. I've been busy parenting. I forgot how much work it is. What's on our schedule for today? A long walk to the farm. A long, tiring, walk. Followed by, a nap? *fingers crossed* if not a nap, then maybe a 2 hour kids movie so I can nap on the couch. (my favorite past time. no joke) Then I get to do my second favorite past time.... clean. I'm totally joking.
It's my third favorite.

Big Daddy comes home tomorrow so we have to get the house ready. Truthfully, it never got that out of control. Nope, I had my shit together. I was totally imagining pizza boxes on the floor, cheerios covering the couch, empty wine glasses and coffee mugs strewn everywhere. Mystery smells, dirty kids, my 5 o'clock shadow.  Nope. It was surprisingly.... normal. Damn. Nothin' blog worthy about that! I had house guests so it forced me to, you know... shower.  Sweep, vacuum, do dishes, cook meals! That sort of thing.  Damn. Damn you normalcy. DAMN YOU!!


  1. Yeah, this parenting thing TOTALLY cramps my style. I mean, with these kids around, how am I supposed to go shopping for myself, get my hair done and keep up my nails? Selfish little bastards!

  2. yeah - i realized the other day when i filled up a pool for my two kids....shit - now I have to sit out here and watch them so they don't drown! How are we supposed to get anything done??