Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sarah-Eve nonsense

My Daughter is Sarah-Eve. Not Sarah, it's Sarah-Eve. No we do not live in the south.
She is a funny thing to communicate with. Let me show you.....
SE, crying says: Mom! Aiden took the pens out of my hands!!
me: Why did he do that?
SE: I was giving them to him and he took them away from me!!
me: So what's the problem?

SE asking me question after question after question, getting me very close to the brink of a nervous breakdown.....
I say: "I can't play "the diner is closing, take your ticket" right now! I'm making dinner and cleaning ok?! do you understand that?!?
SE: jeez mom take it easy
Oh my god, she was the one getting all crazy because I wouldn't play with her.

She was using a canvas shopping bag as an apron. Her and Aiden (my son) were fighting over it. I got the scissors and made 2 aprons out of the bag. Problem solved? Sort of.
SE: There is no room for my baby!!!!  This is not the most awesome thing ever!!!
me: I'm totally writing this down before I forget"
SE: no mom! You don't understand! This is the worst day ever! YOU'RE NOT EVEN LISTENING TO ME!! GET OFF THE COMPUTER!! I'm having a very bad day!

She is so dramatic. I have no idea where she gets it from.

Last night I said to her: Sarah-Eve, my wine glass is empty. Do you think you can get me more wine?
SE: Of course I can! Thanks for asking me mom! You're a good mom for letting me get you more wine. I like doing jobs for you mom.

 *shed a tear* She's going to make a very good best friend one day.

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  1. HONESTLY I LOVE THIS POST .. it is my fave all week.. Thank you mommy for letting me get your wine.. My god she is an angel sent from god hiimself..