Monday, June 13, 2011


Sooooooo, while doing laundry I found something awesome. When I say "awesome" I mean AWESOME. Fan-freaking-tastic. I was loading the washing machine and while pulling dirty clothes out of the basket I was greeted by this smell. Pungent. Strong. Stinging the nostrils. Gag inducing. We're talking DEFCON level 3.

One of my little darlings SATURATED something in URINE. (possibly multiple things) Then hid the evidence in the bottom of the laundry pile.... some time ago. One word: DISGUSTING.  I threw the offending articles of clothing into the wash and went straight to the bathroom to wash my hands. Then I took the laundry basket outside to clean that out.

Fast forward one hour 30 mins. The clothes have been moved into the dryer and working on getting dry. I go outside to retrieve the laundry basket. Our dryer vent is next to the front door. So what smell was I greeted with when I opened the door? DAMP URINE. (Because really, what's better than regular, dry, stale urine?) Not to mention my vent is blowing it  all over my neighborhood. I went to the dryer and checked on the clothes. AWESOME. The urine clothes didn't get clean. They took the entire load of laundry down with them. EVERYTHING stunk. All of it. I just bathed a load of laundry in urine. Old urine. Stale urine. Disgusting urine. I was pissed. (Pun intended)

Evasive action taken: rewashed with warm water, bleach, extra soap, the sign of the cross, double chest tap, finger kiss, peace sign to the sky. It totally worked.
I'm pretty sure it was the double chest tap.

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  1. Used to cloth diaper Alex and my 8 year old Cameron still wets the bed (almost nightly) so I'm used to washing urine soaked (and poo) clothing and bedding. If it happens again (fingers crossed it doesn't) use white vinegar and borax. Bac-out is a wonderful product too! They are natural odor eliminators and stain removers!! All are sold in grocery stores and are very inexpensive. Goodluck!!

  2. OMG your back for real this made me laugh so hard! First your title is freakin funny as all hell and I am loving the final line.. GOD I LOVE YOU !!