Thursday, June 2, 2011

lookin' for a good read?

Are you getting the picture? A good read is a blog I thoroughly enjoy. Since I don't make rules for my blog I will just post these.... well... whenever I damn well please I guess. 

Today is The Brazen Apron.  She writes, she runs, she bakes AMAZING cakes (so she claims.. i'm still waiting for mine in the mail), she stays at home with her daughter and consumes large amounts of coffee and booze. Sometimes separate, sometimes together. She chronicles everything funny and interesting. If it's not funny and interesting, her amazing writing ability can make it so. 
 Check her out. You'll laugh, you'll learn something, and you'll probably feel worse about your own writing.  She's hard to hate because she's so likable. (auto correct said lick-able... i'm sure that only happens when she's BWI. Baking While Intoxicated.) 

My favorite (it was HARD to choose) is the one about the gynecologist. prepare to possibly be offended, for sure entertained, guaranteed to laugh.  

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  1. I like that blog too! Keep up the great work too because I enjoy yours as well. :o)