Friday, April 1, 2011

Things I'm grateful for now that i'm a parent

  • Doors with locks
  • Coffee (terribly under rated in my mind pre-midget days)
  • Netflix, on demand, apple tv, Hulu and my car's DVD player
  • A vacuum that I don't have problems with
  • Neighbors that only stay in their house 2 weeks out of the year.
  • baby wipes. The infinite uses of which is another blog entirely
  • Children's Benadryl.  I never even knew there was such a thing before
  • Mall play places. or McDonalds. or any indoor play place for that matter. 
  • Containers of cheerios. Many a hunger pain of mine these have curbed. 
  • Nick Jr. 
  • String cheese and fruit loops. Fruit loops- another blog for another day. 
  • Web MD
  • Friends with kids. (remember when you were the one who didn't have kids and you would only invite your friends' with kids to "parents night out" things? HA! don't you feel bad about that now?)
  • Wine. Now- I've always liked wine. But now I'm GRATEFUL for it. 
  • Date nights. Although this is still kind of an Urban Legend.
  • The ability to wear a shirt more than once without washing it.
  • Sleeping in. This almost NEVER happens. 
  • Husbands that my husband gets along with.
  • Any place that delivers. 
  • The time-out chair.
  • Microfiber and Leather. To sit on- not to wear. Although.....
  • Plastic cups.
  • Disposable tablecloths.
  • A husband who comes home and relieves me of my duties. 
  • Yoga pants

I would never have given any of these things a second thought before I had kids.  Now- life wouldn't be the same without them. And I am grateful. 

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