Monday, April 11, 2011

Who's Special?

Midget #1 has a thing in his kindergarten class called "who's special?"  Every week it's a different kid. They bring in pictures, favorite toys, favorite books, awards, trophies, etc. etc.
This week it's his turn.

Over the weekend I thought a lot about what I was going to bring in and what not. I was thinking "what makes him special?" Duh. His autism. Lately he has been having a rather difficult time in school. Many tantrums and fits occurred last week. I even cancelled all his speech therapy for the next few weeks.  While he was out on a "cool-off" walk, the teacher was trying to explain to the class that he didn't mean to scare anyone, that he wasn't going to hurt anyone (yeah- the outburst was THAT bad), and that he was just having a hard time. So talking to the class this week should be a good follow up.

I'm also going to have Big Daddy come in and talk to the class about how he has autism and look at what he's accomplished. Like.... People with autism can be normal grown ups.
(i use the term "normal" loosely- especially when it comes to Big Daddy ;) )

These are stickers for card making,
They are from Christmas and
they are suppose to make
presents with bows. He didn't
see it that way. 
I've been preparing my presentation complete with props, index cards, poster board and the midget's drawings. Man this kid can draw.

 It isn't just that he can draw, it's that you truly get to see what goes on in his head when you look at his drawings. The way he sees simple shapes or the way he sees things 3 dimensionally. It's crazy.  It's autism. It's amazing.

He IS special.

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