Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Loading Zone

This is a depiction of the loading zone at my son's school. It is very small, and extremely complex. Airports have less chaos. For some reason, Nobody understand this process. You drive up, you drop off, you pull out, you drive off. It sounds a lot like getting pregnant. So it should be easy.

For some reason the brainiacs who drop their kids off like to PARK in the LOADING ZONE. PARK!!!! They actually put the car in park, take out the keys and leave the vehicle unattended.
Or how about this one.... The morons who after their kid gets out, they just sit there. Meanwhile there is a butt-load of cars behind them waiting to get next to the curb. People- pull your ass out of the zone. So what if the person in front of you is still unloading. YOU can pull your car out and go AROUND them. (see diagram above) The through traffic will always let you in.
When I pick my wee-man up after school the ENTIRE loading zone is full of... you guessed it, PARKED CARS. futher muckers. And I KNOW the people in the 24 minute spot have been there longer than that because i've been circling like a hawk for 30 minutes. 

I just don't understand why it is so hard for people to obey the rules. I bet these people never park in handicapped spots and always keep their parking meter paid up. Is it because there are no parking police near the area? I'm seriously considering becoming an afternoon volunteer and telling these people to F-off when they try to park there.
I won't even say anything... i'll point to the sign like an air traffic controller guy with those long flashlight thingies. "oh what's that? you can't read? then you should not be driving. F off ma'am." or even "citizens arrest! citizens arrest!"

You would think these people would be in a hurry to get out of there. I always am. But i've discovered the secret. You can use it too, but it only works if your kid is in kindergarten. Here it is: drop them off 2 minutes before school starts. Trust me... the crowd is much, MUCH thinner around that time.
Maybe i'll just act like a cabby and start screaming at people out the window. 

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  1. How about the people that drop their kids off in the thru zone! Instead of the curb side. My kid was out of the car she was beside me so I couldn't go around the car in front of me... finally they started moving and after i made sure i wasn't going to run over her kid I left...Then she follows me home and starts yelling at me that I almost ran over her kid! I was 7 1/2 mo pregnant at the time needless to say she got more than an earful from me.