Saturday, April 23, 2011

Lets go to the movies

When you have babies there are some things you can and can not do. Movies are one of the things you can NOT do. BUT- when your youngest is able to sit through an entire movie at the movie theatre, you have just seen the light at the end of your toddler tunnel.

For a long time Big Daddy and I would take the kids to the movies. They would make it 15 minutes into it and then we would have to leave. We would proceed to the box office and inform them that our A.D.D. toddlers could not sit through the entire movie. We were then refunded all of our money. The beauty of this scenario is that, as far as the kids are concerned... we just went to the movies! They think we saw lots of 3 minute movies. Score 1 for us.

Now, at (almost) 5 and 7 years old they can sit through an entire movie. The new level of agitation is the "mom I need more popcorn, mom he/she has more popcorn than me, mom I have to pee, mom I'm thirsty, mom is the lady going to die? Mom do we have anything to eat? Mom is this a scary part? Mom! Gross!! make them stop kissing!!!"  The best part about this, is that they use that loud whisper voice. You know the one I'm talking about.

So I've made a "Movie theatre survival guide".   (I obviously, freaking love lists.) Also, apparently I've turned into one of those moms that packs her own snacks for the show. I never thought it possible. I'm dying a little inside because of it BUT- I get to leave the theatre with my sanity and money in tact. So here are the things you'll need for a trip to the big screen:

  • a peeled orange, segmented. The citrus smell is wonderful in a stuffy theatre. That, and it's quiet. 
  • a tooth cleaner. The kind with a pick on the end
  • buy the jumbo popcorn. If your family eats it then go big, or go home
  • buy the soda. Have them dilute it with 1/2 water. (carbonated or not) It's amazing how much Barq's root beer still tastes like Barq's root beer when it's watered down by HALF. 
  • take gummy snacks. I don't know why but for some reason it's like a pacifier for bigger little kids. I recommend Annies fruit snacks from Costco, but hide the box in your closet. 
  • any of their favorite snacks from home. i.e. goldfish, saltines, pretzels, whatever you have, because for some reason, as soon as the lights go down they are STARVING TO DEATH. 
  • baby wipes. With all the eating and doling out of food you don't want anything gross and sticky to end up on your clean yoga pants. 
  • and don't forget your flask

This should get you through that 2.5 break in the day when you are not folding laundry, wiping someone's butt, washing dishes or cleaning in any way. Don't worry though, that will all be waiting for you when you get home .

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