Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Calling in sick

I discovered I was getting sick on Sunday. Easter Sunday. The sore throat, the fuzzy head, the sleepiness... that was me.
By Monday I was full blown sick. On my way to take my daughter to her dentist appointment I got into a fender bender. My fault. Or actually, it was Nyquil's fault. Next came Costco, then Trader Joes, then home to drop off cold items, then I had to pick up my son, drop off and pick up dry cleaning, then back home, finish unloading the car and putting everything away. Enter Dayquil. A 2 hour nap later while the children merrily play with their toys and watch a movie I feel a little bit better. I look around me and realize this house isn't going to clean itself. I start with the dishes, then laundry, clean the Diva's room (discover all the clothes she has shoved under the bed), more laundry then dinner.
Feed family, fold laundry, bathe children, supervise teeth brushing, bed time stories, fold more laundry.

Enter NyQuil. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
Upon waking up this morning I contemplate calling in sick. I imagine it will go something like this:

Speak to boss: "good morning honey, i'm calling in sick"
Daddy gets kids ready for school, makes their lunches and drops them off at school. I sleep for another 3 hours. I wake up and decide to make some tea and toast. I sit cross legged on my couch in big slouchy socks, sweat pants, and a knit sweater. I'm surrounded by used tissues, there are empty tea mugs scattered about and a plate of toast.  A dear friend picks my kids up from school and takes them to the park for 2 hours. I take a nap. A different friend comes over with flowers, does a load of laundry for me, straightens up the house, does the dishes and refills my tea mug.  Friend with my kids brings them home and makes dinner.
Daddy comes home early. Bathes children, supervises teeth brushing, reads bed time stories. He then puts away clean laundry. Discovers me asleep on the couch. Picks me up without strain, carries me to bed and refills my bedside glass of water.
The next day I wake up feeling refreshed.
The reality of today, thus far:
Wake up, drag self out of bed and make coffee. Realize I haven't showered or changed my clothes in 3 days. Prepare chocolate milk breakfast for kids and wake them up. Take shower. Get dressed. Get kids dressed. Make lunch. Everything goes very smoothly. We are actually going to be on time! 1st born- go get your back pack, I have everything else. 2nd born- get your shoes I have everything else. I feel so proud that this morning, in my deathly sickness I am rocking! I wait in car. 1st born comes back with ginormous toy, no backpack. 2nd born comes out with armfuls of toys and scarf, no shoes. SERIOUSLY??
GO GET YOUR BACKPACK! GO GET YOUR SHOES! 3 more trips in and out of the house they finally got it right.  We ended up being 15 minutes late for school.
Finally both kids are at school and I can relax. Until it's time to take the car in for it's estimate. My body obviously didn't get the memo that mom's aren't supposed to get sick.

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