Friday, April 8, 2011

Where are you going Tulips?

So yeah, They're super pretty. But why do they hate my house? Why are they trying to escape? Is my house so awful? Is the air gross? I know my dog's farts are disgusting but really??

Maybe it's the yellow tulips. Maybe they're the ones causing all the trouble. Suppose purple tulips are of superior intellect and know more than the yellow tulips. Suppose the yellow tulips have bad breath and the purple tulips are trying to avoid the gaseous odor.

It's official. Purple is DEFINITELY trying to avoid the yellow tulips. why? I don't know know. I'm not a horticulturist. I'm just a lady who buys flowers, duh. But trying to integrate both colors into the same vase might have been a bad idea. See this purple tulip? It WAS in the middle of the group. Then it got the idea that it was going to high tail it to the kitchen. The purple tulips are not following the sunlight. They are fanning out in all directions (see photo 1)

I'm not too worried about it. Until I actually see them with a hobo bag thumbing it on the side of the freeway.... Then they're fine. I guess purple tulips are just free spirits and the more dominant of the species. Let them do what they want.

This las photo sort of reminds me of Midget #1 in his mainstream kindergarten class.

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