Monday, September 26, 2011

I dropped something

I watched myself drop the ball today. It was a very surreal moment. An actual moment of "ifuckedupness". I saw the moment pass before my eyes and it's like time stood still.  The ball dropped in slow motion. It left my hands at 7:15... no... I think it really left my hands at 6:30am, then hit the floor at 8:27.

I'll walk you through it. But first, remember my blog post about new and improved daily routine?  Well I was using it! It was working! Until today. Maybe it's been a few days in the making but it's not good. Today was a low point, even for me.

6:30 hit snooze
7:00 alarm to wake kids up goes off. I get out of bed
7:01 coffee
7:05 start making oatmeal
7:10 Hubby wakes up
7:11 give Hubby coffee
7:15 begin making lunches
7:18 realize I need more tupperware for said lunches. make note to buy more tupperware
7:25 yell downstairs for kids to wake up
7:35 feed kids
7:45 dress kids. No, make that ONE kid gets dressed.
7:50 tell kid that is still eating breakfast to move his ass and get dressed
7:55 fight with dressed kid about what she's wearing. her exact words were "really, mom? this outfit?"
7:56 consider putting bailey's in my coffee
8:00 ask pajama clad kid why he's not dressed yet. response "I can't find my gray shirt" my reply "wear a different shirt"
8:01 meltdown commences.
8:05 dear daughter decides she needs to poop
8:06 help dear son find shoes.
8:10 check on pooping daughter- she hasn't even got her pants off yet.
8:12 check on son. realize i didn't do any laundry yesterday (Sunday). silent curse myself for being such a bad, lazy mom.
8:15 check email. get upsetting letter from son's classroom aide.
8:17 daughter declares she pooped.
8:20 head downstairs- son is dressed. daughter forgot backpack upstairs.
8:22 leave house
8:27 drop kids off (late) at school

It's only Monday. MONDAY!! The first day of the new week! This is the day that is supposed to set the example for the following days! I'm failing!!! My house is in shambles and i'm sitting here on my ass TELLING YOU HOW BAD IT IS rather than make it better!

So I've decided the buck stops here. I'm going to work on my house and get my shit together and stop acting like a lazy teenager. I'm a mother for crying out loud and it's high time I started acting like one.  so hopefully my next blog will be about how awesome I am and clean my house and how I just made 300 cupcakes for the bake sale at school on top of volunteering and delivery meals to the elderly. But until then.... I vow blogging silence.


  1. I almost choked at the 300 cupcakes for the bake sale. Who has time for that??? If you succeed with that alone I will bow to your greatness :-)


  2. I find Mondays to be HARDER than any other day. It's like you have to ramp up to punctual school deliver. My aim is to reach it by Wednesday. Or Thursday.

  3. mondays are the worst. I would aim for a good tues. My oldest has a really hard time with mondays after being used to the weekend routine.