Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It was the same old mundane, routine.....

First sentence provided by: Karla Krebs Evers 

It was the same old mundane, routine, predictable Tuesday for another stay at home mother out there in the world.

Until, SHE showed up. Her hair blew wildly in the wind. Her skirt billowed around her like a sheet hung up to dry on a windy day. Her skin was wrinkled, and her wand glistened in the sun light.  I didn't think she would come. I had arranged all my plans on the basis of her not showing up. This changed things. 

I hadn't sent for my fairy godmother since the day she told me I could. 
She granted me ONE more visit for the remainder of my days. She bestowed that upon me the day I met my husband. Now here she was, face to face. 
"you look fat" she said to me. 
She was right... I had put on a few pounds. It was the 3 kids, the refreshments at all the PTA meetings and cleaning up my kids plates. 

I knew I was at an all time low. I didn't need her for childbirth. I didn't need her for my son's first broken arm. I didn't even need her when the castle got foreclosed. I need her now. 

She saw the worry lines on my face.  She new it was bad. Why else would I call her?

"How bad is it?" She asked. 
"Bad" I replied. 
"How much time do we have?" 
"24 hours. Is that enough?"
"I'll do my best."

She looked around my property. It was much smaller now. Since the kingdom changed it's rule we were not as important as we once were. The prime minister came and took over. We had become civilians. Royalty with no power. And now, on my darkest day, I called up my last hope. 

"How many people?" She inquired.
"A few hundred. Oh fairy god mother, do think there's any hope?"
She looked me up and down. "I shall do my best"

With a flick of her wand my house was spotless. My children clean. The dishes done. Dinner was prepared, animals groomed and the clothing clean, folded and put away. 

"Oh Fairy God Mother!" I exclaimed.
She shushed me. She wasn't finished. 
She turned to me with a dissatisfied look. She waved her wand one last time. Light. Light everywhere. 
It was all I could see. I was shrouded in it. Bathed in light. So bright I had to close my eyes. When I opened them she placed a mirror in front of me. I gazed upon my reflection. I was beautiful! My hair! It was washed and brushed. Styled even! Wrinkles gone! Boobs, lifted. Skin taught! I was amazed! Pounds vanished!

"Oh Fairy God Mother thank you! Thank you!"
"It is my pleasure dear. Now go! You don't want to be late for your high school reunion!"

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