Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Medusa Head

My mom had SERIOUS Medusa Head when I was growing up. When we got old enough to get up and get ready for school by ourselves she, naturally, slept in. If we had a note that needed to be signed then we had to wake her up. Waiting of course until the last possible moment because once she was up... it wasn't pretty. I don't mean in an attractive way. I mean the whole scene was unattractive. Picture waking up a bear from hibernation. Now put on that bear hair that looks like this~~~~~~~~~~~>

She didn't LOOK like a bear. Just the groggy, unintelligible growling of a bear.
God she's going to hate me when she reads this.  Anyways- back to Medusa.
So my mom  had this big, crazy bed head. It was one of things that made is so amusing to wake her from her peaceful slumber.

I swore to myself that I would never have Medusa Head. Every morning when I wake up I promptly check to see if my ponytail is still in my hair. It's usually not since my hair is so short. It's usually still wound up on my pillow. I replace my ponytail with a new one, clip back any unauthorized splaying of bangs that are in my face or put on a bandana.  Then I leave my bedroom.

Today while dropping off my kids I bore witness to THREE Medusa Head tragedies. So sad. I could tell they had just barely woken up, mostly because they were driving like angry bears. This is one of the reasons, I believe, that ladies caps are becoming cuter and cuter. It's for mom's who drive their kids to school.

So listen people, Medusa Head is a serious matter. Don't' let it happen to you. If not treated promptly it can become a chronic condition. Think of the children. THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!

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  1. Medusa Head isn't only common in carefree mothers. I, as a child, suffered from Medusa Head due to my frizzbomb curls and my ability to dodge my mothers comb in the morning (as is apparent in all my school photos!) Please mothers, even if your children are kicking and screaming, contain the infant stages of Medusa Head and brush their damn hair. I now feel that I am 'over cautious' to avoid it and it plagues me as I sit in the school car park and assess hair do's and don't's. Thank you for sharing your important message!