Wednesday, September 28, 2011

This one time, at band camp...

First sentence brought to you by Matt Sweet , the pervert.

This one time, at band camp,

I stuck my flute in a pussy. Well, her mouth, anyway. The camp rules state that we weren't allowed to bring our cats. Well, my cat is SUPER attached to me. I love her. She loves me. How could I possibly leave her at home?! She's really playful and likes to bite me. 

Well, I guess it all started when we were done with practice and I went back to the room. I started to tickle her. She got super excited and started opening her mouth to bite me. Well, she bit me, and it hurt. She wouldn't stop. So the next time she opened her mouth to bite, I stuck my flute in there. 

She's being a pain in the butt though. So I don't think I'll bring her next year. She's super high maintenance and throws up all the time. I love her so much though. 

Here kitty kitty.....

*I can't even believe I did a story for this. I died a little inside*

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