Monday, August 29, 2011

Back to School part 2

The Freak-Out.

I told you it was coming didn't I? I just thought it would hit the day before school and not two days before.

Here is some backstory- the last week of school in June I had a meeting with my son's team. His teacher, the resource specialist, the aide, and the school psychologist. We ALL agreed that a week before school started my son would meet his new teacher, get his daily schedule for the class and we discussed the possibility of a new aide. So here we are, Monday. No contact from the school. Lucky I texted the old aide and she said she would still be his aide. No word yet from the higher ups.  Am I really supposed to just throw my autistic kid into the lion's den the first day of school?? SERIOUSLY???   Even my Kindergartener's new teacher sent home a letter with a time for kids to come the day before school to check out the room and meet her.

So that's the first thing I'm freaking out about.  Second thing is our new daily schedule.
How does this look?

6:30 wake up (me)
6:35 wake up again (me)
6:40 insert coffee IV drip
6:45 make lunches
7:00 wake up kids and get them dressed
7:30 family breakfast (everyone- including daddy)
8:00 attempt to leave house
8:05 go back in house to find lost shoe
8:10 attempt to leave house
8:12 realize daughters hair is not combed. run inside for hair clip.
8:15 leave house.
8:20 school starts
8:25 we arrive at school
8:30-12:15 MY TIME ALONE
12:15 get to school. stand around awkwardly while all the other mom's are talking in groups.
12:30 pick up Kindergartener and get the hell out of there
12:30-2:15 Errands (I'm not doing errands on MY time)
2:30- pick up 1st grader
2:35- 3:15 home at last. homework and snack time
3:30- 5:00 play time outside (them)
4:30 start making dinner (me)
5:00 kids come in asking if dinner is ready
5:15 consider opening bottle of wine, decide against
5:30 eat dinner and clean (them)
6:30 kids get clothes, shoes, and bags ready for next day
6:35 consider opening bottle of wine, decide against
7:00 kids bath time
7:30 kids bed time
7:30 open bottle of wine. enjoy one (large) glass and some TV of my choosing
8pm daddy comes home and microwaves his dinner
9pm I go to bed.
9:05 daddy sits alone in living room wondering wtf happened to everybody.


  1. Hahaha! LOVE your schedule. One question? Why would YOU be the one NOT in the center of a group of gabbing moms? You are CLEARLY where the party's at! If I were one of those moms? We would be hanging out. Seriously. And happy hour might just have to start at noon. And those other (I have to assume biatchy) moms who wouldn't know a good time if it bit them in the ass could just suck it.

  2. What a schedule! You have so much going on!

  3. My 2 year old son has a new phrase, "Mommy's wine." I think I'm cracking the bottle open a little too early. Good luck this school year.

  4. Love the schedule - and can totally relate to the mom's group. I do that with dance class - all the other mom's coagulate and become one annoying giant of a mom. Good luck waiting 'til 7:30 for wine everyday and enjoy your time!

  5. haha im the awkward mom too.. and i definitely dont wait till the kids are in bed to start drinking! lol