Thursday, September 22, 2011

Priorities and stuff

This photo has nothing
to do with today's blog post. 
Since life and parenting are getting in the way of blogging about life and parenting this is going to be short. Maybe sweet. Not with sugar though... probably like, sweet n' low. Where at first taste it's sweet but after awhile you're like, bleghck. So, I guess I'm just trying to apologize in advance.

Since I'm really awesome at bullet points I'm going to do that. And since every god damn person on the planet seems to have ADD or ADHD I do it for them. I'm a giver. Just ask my husband. *ahem* back to the story. Errrr, bullet points.

  • When my kids accidentally get off their leash and dart into the street I feel like an asshole. When someone else's kid darts into the street where I'm driving, I feel like an asshole. I can not find a mathematical equation to explain this. 
  • I'm considering putting the coffee machine on my nightstand.
  • I want to put into place a rule that says "NO TALKING AFTER 9PM"  because I'm really having a hard time with this 10 o'clock pillow talk bullshit. I need sleep!
  • My house is a horrible mess. HORRIBLE. There is no room in this house that hasn't been bitten by the messing bug.
  • Speaking of bugs: I got bit in the ear by one. My ear was HUGE and red. The only thing I like HUGE and red are strawberries. Not parts of body. 2 claritin later and I was high as a kite and I totally cracked out for 3 hours on a jigsaw puzzle. My ear is feeling better, thank you. 
  • I pack the WORST lunches. The problem with those reusable lunch boxes is that the compartments are not big enough. 
  • I volunteered at my daughter's kindergarten class and for the first time, I liked her teacher. Those kids are... ummmm..... well we'll just say that they're new to the whole school thing. She is VERY patient with them. I could handle 5, but 20? wow. just, wow. 
  • I'm thinking about following in Law-Momma's steps and getting a PO Box. Mostly because I'm addicted to checking the mail. It's like smacking crack. (is that even real? did i say that right? i'm not sure. i've never smacked crack but it sounds close to checking to the mail obsessively)
  • I've redone my kitchen with red accents (clich√©, I know) and I freaking LOVE IT. (you have to say LOVE with a singsongy voice, other wise you're missing out on the true feeling of the love. it's like "ding-dong" "lo-ove" did you say it right? Do you feel the love now? Good.)
Ok  think that'g good for now. I got some stupid things off my mind and came up with new ones. I have a fun idea for a new blog but that is going to take focus and time. Two things I just don't have right now. I'm so short on time, I'm not even going to edit this. *gasp* for shame, I know. But I'm trying to make a point. Stop arguing with me, I don't have time. Thanks Lola, now I'm now arguing with myself. Damn you. 

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  1. Pretty sure the picture is the funniest part hahaha....I tried so hard to figure out it's meaning before I read the part below....