Thursday, October 27, 2011


Oh yeah? WATCH ME.
In THIS house I am Queen
and I reign supreme.
And by that I mean my daughter. She asked for it. Lately I've been noticing some bratty tendencies coming from her. I dare say spoiled bratty tendencies. Fuck it, I'm going to tell it like it his.

My daughter has become a spoiled, rotten, brat. Did you know, that kids can become this way without you spending hundreds of dollars? It's true. Daddy has her trained now that if she was "good" that day she gets candy. A habit I'm in the process of trying to break. It was all very well meaning and a way for him to do something nice, and give her a treat. So now she thinks she's always good. So she always get candy. I don't want to the be the bad guy who is always saying "no, she wasn't good. She was a brat." I can't do this because I don't want to instill that in her tiny, fragile mind. If I call her a brat all the time, then she really will become a brat to the hundredth degree.

She won't clean her room unless I'm sitting in the room screaming in her face and dragging her by the ears to each job. (Calm down, that's an exaggeration) I don't have time to hold her hand while she cleans. It's 4 steps. It's clearly labeled on a chart she helped me make. So I find myself in this position. I have a brat that doesn't want to work for her goodies.  So I've formulated a plan. A plan which I now present to you in bullet points. (bullet points you're mah only frieeeeend)

  • No more candy. Period. End of story. Being a good girl doesn't mean that you didn't get in trouble. Being a good girl means you listened to your mommy, you did your homework, you did your chores, you didn't fight with your brother. 
  • No more toys. I went into her (messy) room today and gathered up ALL of her toys. Every single toy and I locked them away. I left out her books. From now on she can earn her toys back. Keeping her room clean, being a good girl, doing her chores (see where I'm going with this?) that's how she gets them back. I can't wait to see the temper tantrum that comes from this. 
  • More clearly defined chores. Sometimes I forget she's only 5 and isn't much of a self starter. She must get that from me. So I'm pulling out the old chore chart again. This way she can keep track of her own progress and get some satisfaction out of it. 
So there. My new current mission in life is to de-bratify my kid. No toys, no candy rewards, just good, honest hard work. LIKE THE REST OF CIVILIZATION. Sometimes, I think she really does think she's a princess. Good thing I took away all of her princess dress up clothes. 


  1. Please update with the progress of your mission! I have a 7-year-old who is the exact same thing. The chore chart wasn't enough, so we went back to stickers on the calendar and after so many she gets an allowance...1 month later she is attempting to re-negotiate the allowance! AAAAHHHHH! Just act like a happy/thankful contributing member of this household, instead of an a-hole and maybe we'll give you dessert, eh?

  2. @Rachael
    Ditto to Rachael! My 7yo is at a point where there is little to take away, but he doesn't seem to care! The "chore" chart is mainly just functions he needs to do in a regular day for school and getting ready for bed. We normally can't even get to chores before bedtime. Any suggestions would be majorly appreciated!

  3. Just be careful with taking everything away. Some kids in this position feel like they have nothing left to lose now - so why behave? If everything of importance (candy and toys) is gone, then what else can you take away? What if she still is a jerk? or still doesn't do her chores? then what's left to take away? the books?- she won't care....her bed? meals? - then you really are a jerk.
    Maybe a compromise would work out with better results. By putting some of the toys back, she'll still be upset, but then she'll be in a position of being able to earn toys back with work or continue to lose toys be not complying. Maybe candy can still be earned but definately raise the bar on what needs to be done to get it...My two cents anyways :)

  4. Ok before I say anything else...the last two lines are hilarious! Again I love you!

    Read the above comment...maybe you could take away a toy each time she is bad and doesn't do the things she should. Then she gets one back when she does do the things she is supposed. I don't know.

    My brother was like siblings would get so pissed because he would get his allowance even though he didn't do his chores and we did. punk. Not sure how my mom made him into the great guy he is today...

    keep us updated please!

  5. I SOOOOOO hear/feel/see my future. My DIVA is only 2...but I'm already stocking up booze in preparation for her tween-age years. If I'm not already committed. Seriously.