Saturday, October 29, 2011

Dear Facebook Fans

I feel like the universe is going to collapse inside of itself. Talking about my Facebook fans on my blog? It's like seeing a Starbucks across the street from a Starbucks.


When I started my fan page I was was worried about the sort of fans I would attract. I've seen some, aggressive, fans out there. I wasn't sure the type of people I would attract. In the end I decided I would just be myself and not hide behind an alter ego. (*note- I don't think there is anything wrong with alter egos. I rather enjoy some people's alter egos. It's just not me)

So the decision to stay me paid off. I love all my fans. I feel like I could go out and drink wine with any of them and have a good time.  I don't have thousands and thousands of fans. That was never the point. I'd rather have less fans who really like me, than to have thousands upon thousands that don't even care.  For me, having fans is about having people to talk to, and to validate my drinking. Which, by the way, they are VERY, VERY good at. They're a bunch of enablers in fact. Shame, shame. Actually, that's why I love them I think.

I'm not sure I can tied all these ramblings together. I just wanted to let my fans know how much I love them, adore them, enjoy their feedback, and am grateful for their presence. You guys totally rock my world.  Thanks for sticking around and fueling my fire.



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