Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I pay attention, and you should too

I pay attention to politics, believe it or not. I've been watching the GOP debates, I listen to BBC, I feel passionately about topics. I really do. I'm not all up in it's face, but I'm not in the dark either.  I am also married to someone who is completely crazy about politics. OK, crazy is a terrible word to use. He's "passionate" like, burning man/L.A. fires passionate. My passion is about the size of a campfire stove. You don't see it, but it's hot, it's not big, but you can still cook on it. What was I talking about? S'mores? I love s'mores. Put peanut butter on the graham cracker before you start.... so good. Where was I? Oh camping. I love camping too. No wait, I wasn't talking about camping....

Oh that's right,  I pay attention. That's what I was saying. (you would be forced to believe otherwise at this point though) Now while I try not to (and most often succeed) discuss politics on here, I'm going to today.

People listen, if you are going to take sides on a political party- awesome. You should. Find one that suits you. Do some research. Don't pick a political party based on what your parents where affiliated with, or your ex-husband, or your best friends. If you don't know where you stand don't vote. (It's hard typing that, by the way) Educate yourself on the topics that are important to you. Don't just research the pros, look into the cons as well. Do some reading. Just don't read the news. For the love of wine DON'T WATCH THE NEWS.

Fun Fact:  American news outlets are categorized as "entertainment". The only news source that is categorized as "news" is The BBC. The BBC is the largest news company on the planet. Just throwing that out there.

"I'm outraged!"
If you feel passionately about the earth, about government, about your city, about jobs, about taxes... etc. Then DO SOMETHING. If you are angry, if you are happy, if you agree, if you disagree, SAY SOMETHING. I'm going to make it easy for you. I've included  the  links for finding your local congressman and contacting the President. Easy right? So easy. I'm sure finding your mayor is not that difficult either.

While protesting does get attention, they are not speaking with one voice. Make your own voice heard. Tell a friend to write a letter! Or email, as it were.

contact the president and/or white house
contact your local congressman
contact your governor
contact elected officials

A silent voice can not be heard.

*getting off soapbox now*

Where's my tent? I was to go camping now.

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