Thursday, October 20, 2011

Day 3

In case you haven't noticed, I've been trying to blog with some normality and also trying to update you guys on my 30 day challenge. Somedays I do them separately and some days I'll tie them together. Like this day. My speech is slurred, and so is this blog.

Breakfast: sucked. I had like, 2 bites of eggs and coffee.

Dentist appointment. Christ, that SUCKED. I was all "oh this will be easy, just getting fitted for a crown". No such luck. That sonofabitch tooth hurt like a sonofabitch. WOW. I almost passed out from the numbing shot. Which afterward the DDS informed me had epinephrin. IS that a word? It makes your heart pump faster. Also, it makes your hands shake and makes you dizzy and lightheaded and ready to pass the f%^&* out. Which I almost  did.

After said  appointment I came home, sat on the couch and watched a movie. I refrained from pain medication due to the pick up times and driving distance of my children. THROBBING THROBBING THROBBING. Sounds sexy until you say the word "tooth". Then you go "sckshhhh!!" on an inhale. (Go ahead, do it out loud. You probably already did)

OK so. I had a MetRX with peanut butter and banana. (they don't pay me, I'm not an affiliate. My husband used to be a body builder and he swears by this stuff)  So there was a half of day's worth of calories. I couldn't chew. I couldn't open my mouth. I STILL can't open my mouth very wide. (poor Mr. C.E.O.) So that was snack and lunch and snack.

I drank water. Well, I washed down a painkiller when my last kid came home.. with water.

So around 3:30 I got hungry and I decided I needed soup. But what would I put in it? I opened my fridge. MUAHAHAHAHA! I had LOTS of things.

"garbage soup" (so my Facebook followers tell me it's named)
diced carrots
diced celery
diced fennel
diced onions
fresh minced garlic
fresh thyme
black truffle salt
~saute├ęd, or sweated, or whatever~

chicken bullion (It's a liquid/gel thingy. I got it from the health food store so it doesn't have msg, or other ridiculous ingredients that are impossible to pronounce)
sprouted bean trio

I cooked it for like, an hour. scooped out my portion, then added home made dumplings for the kids. so freakin' good.

But then- I had a moment of weakness. it was wine. And I drank a bunch.
I did not work out today. Today was not a total fail though. I didn't eat junk food. I drank water. I put fuel in my body. I juiced my extra fruit in the fridge.
-strawberries, apple, mango, pineapple, cantaloupe, kale, spinach and tangerines. yes, it has a lot of sugar. Yes I'm getting the fruit portion of my diet in.

I didn't work out. No. I wanted to. but I didn't. BUT- for this 30 day challenge I have given myself 3 leeway days. this is the first. (awesome, day number 3. I totally pulled a Little white lion )

so STFU. I'm trying. I'm making changes. and you  know what? i put on my jeans today.... they slipped right on. They were not loose by any means... but I didn't have to do any special breathing exercises to get them on. I'm not saying I look fabulous... but I looked fabulous. Just getting started, getting into a routine... sort of. I'm not perfect. I'm trying. Ridicule me if you must. It will only make me try harder.

*I've had 3 glasses of wine which is equal to .... like 800 calories or something.  I'm totally buzzed. so if this stupid post isn't edited perfectly.... now you know why.


  1. Great Post! We all have those days. Your blogging about all this is encouraging to me. I have been training for my Race this weekend, but I have not kept up the greatest diet, and forgot about working out the rest of me. I may have great legs (according to hubby) but the muffin top is back! Keep it up!

  2., vicodin? You could've thrown that in the soup and it would have been perfect. And any kind of medical procedure cancels out exercise anyway. It wouldn't have counted had you done it. Drink up sister! Tomorrow is a new day.