Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I *heart* MSG

I can only think of 4 good reasons to catch a cold. BUT- they're very good reasons.

  1. The Notebook
  2. noodle soup
  3. top ramen
  4. cup noodles (but we just call them "cup o' noodles" round these parts)
What can I say? I love MSG, sodium, and ingredients I can't pronounce. Oh my god, those are best tasting ones.  The bag for the Top Ramen says "to lower sodium, use less seasoning."   Are they insane?? The sodium is the best part!! At 910mg you don't really have much to spare. I mean, the recommended daily amount of sodium is 1500mg. You have to get it from somewhere! Sometimes I think I should just use 2 bags of seasonings. Then I don't have to worry about my sodium intake for the rest of the day. 

Now cup (o') noodles on the other hand.... They've made it a little bit easier. They generously provided 1060mg of sodium. But in my mind, they put 3,000mg of DELICIOUS in it. I just finished my noodle lunch and already I can feel my heart rate start to pick up. My breathing has becoming more labored. My body just isn't used to this much awesome. Which is crazy, considering the amount of awesome I put out of my body every day. Sometimes when I spit after brushing my teeth... I feel like it's a giant waste of awesome.

 That's how spitting in mean people's faces got started. Did you know that? Yeah I guess some guy was being super douchey to this lady. She was pretty awesome, so she thought to herself "self, your hands are tied behind your back and there is no way to transfer your awesome to this douche bag. He's too far away from my tears, I don't have to sneeze... I've got it! I'll spit! He's close enough, and with the proper trajectory it should hit him near or in the eyes!"   And thus, a valiant act of awesome-giving was born. 

But back to the noodles. Man I'm thirsty. Hold on a second... I need a glass of water. 

Ok I'm back. Wow. That walk to the sink really wiped me out. I'm having a hard time catching my breath. Wooooooooo. I know it isn't all those ingredients that I can't pronounce. They're big words. I trust big words. sodium tripolyphosphate. I would take a bullet for that ingredient. It sounds muy importante. Disodium inosinate. Another very important and delicious sounding ingredient. I can trust ingredients that sound like that. Why has my heart rate gone up?  

I need to go lay down for a minute. I think I have awesome overload. Not looking forward to the crash afterward. 

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  1. HAHA!!! This totally just made me laugh out loud!!! I actually can't eat MSG anymore. Apparently at some point I developed some crazy hyper-sensitivity to it and now if I eat it my tummy is unhappy for the next 48 hours. And I freaking LOVE Ramen Noodles. Oh, and I didn't even realize there was no (O') in the Cup (O') Noodles!!! What kind of stupid name is "Cup Noodles??" I mean, come on, I know they're cheap, but couldn't they at least afford someone to give them a snazzier name? By the way, do you always end up with everything rehydrating EXCEPT for those two stupid peas, which stay dried up like tasteless little rocks? (I eat them anyway... the consistency is oddly fascinating).

    Anyway, I'm totally rambling in your comment section! LOL Loved this post! Have a great week!

    Smiles, Jenn @Misadventures in Motherhood