Saturday, October 15, 2011

31 years

October 15th is my birthday. I turned 32. So to recap my 31st year I'm going to put some things in bullet points because they make writing soooooo much easier. Stuff I learned, figured out or witnessed.

  • Friends come and go. end of story. 
  • Don't say "I'm fine" if you don't mean it. 
  • Treat your kids like they're awesome. The opposite yields opposite results.
  • Marry your best friend. Remember they are your best friend. 
  • Fight for your children. No one else will. 
  • People have to earn your respect and love. 
  • Don't waste your time with people you don't like. 
  • Don't eat food you don't like. 
  • Exercise for your mind and soul, not your body.
  • Anything is possible.
  • You don't have to succeed at everything you try. And that's OK.
  • Laughter always makes you feel good and never gives you a hangover.
  • Wash the dishes before you go to bed. 
  • Don't keep tabs on favors. 
  • Take a day (or two)... forget the laundry, dishes, and dinner. Play with your children in their world. 
  • Love where you live. 
  • Floss your teeth.
  • Take time to spend with your girlfriends.
  • Love really does overcome everything. Including a broken face. 
Of all the things that I've come to better understand... Love and Laughter top the list. Be open to love. Be open to the joy and pain of love. Accept laughter. Laugh often. Make others laugh. Find the the beauty and/or humor in everything. 

The other day, I realized what the meaning of life is. No, it's not 42. It's different for every single person. For me, I want to laugh. I look for funny things,  I surround myself with funny people, I watch funny movies, I read funny books... I want to laugh. I want to laugh honestly. I want to smile and feel happy. I have a funny husband and together we have a comedic life. I love it. I love him, I love our funny/insane children. I love my funny brother, who by the way, is TEN TIMES funnier than me. 
To have a light, happy heart, to me, is the meaning of my life. I'm not an entrepreneur. I'm not a numbers person. I'm not a leader. I live my own life and put in it the things that make me happy. Because I can. Because it's my life. 
When I find that I am unhappy, it is because I have put unrealistic expectations on my life or compared myself to people I don't know. If my heart is happy, than I am happy, and my life is happy. 

Happy Birthday to me. To another year of awakening, understanding, laughter, love, friendship, forgiveness, pain, humility, contentment, aspirations and enlightenment. 

Thank you life for being a journey. A journey I am glad I have an interest in. 

This blog post was made possible by pinot noir, champagne, and viewers like you. 


  1. "Inner peace & tranquility
    Resonate to the heartbeat of the soul
    So share the love that is within
    Resonate to the rhythm of your spirit
    Give life to your dreams
    ... And wings to your goals
    Visualize the miracle of manifestation in your mind's eye
    And imagine divinely orchestrated synchronicities
    Making of your dreams but a goal on a calendar awaiting its day
    One heartbeat at a time." ~Enza Currenti~

    Happy Day of your Birth!

  2. "But how do you REALLY feel?"

    I feel oh so very lucky to have found this blog. You make me smile, you make me think, you make me happy.

    The world is a better place because you are in it.


  3. Thank you for reminding me that I feel the same way. Surprisingly, I think you just helped me decide on a new car. Weird, right? Thanks!

  4. I absolutely love this post. Which is leaving me really conflicted because originally I intended to hate you for being 32. Really? Thirty fucking two?

  5. Happy birthday. Thanks for reminding me of whats important!

  6. I LOVE this!! I have a birthday coming up myself and you touched on what really matters with each new year!! Thank you!