Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My craigslist ad

we're selling our minivan. *sigh* It was our second one. We loved it. LOVED it.
That thing drives so smooth, it feels like a cadillac. No lie.
I thought the van was really beginning to think it was a cadillac.

They upgraded the body style for 2011 so it is freakin' SWEET!
I realize that is a term not usually associated with a minivan....
but seriously, it's awesome. Seriously.
On a side note- we had a "no eating in the car rule" so that's... you know.... good.

 So here are the facts:

23,000 miles (in airplane miles that's hardly anything at all)
gray exterior
light gray interior
wood trim
blue tooth
back up mirror
air conditioning
sunroof (I may or may not have stood up dancing and singing to Prince's "kiss")
tiptronic and auto transmission (sometimes you feel like a race car driver, sometimes you don't)
cruise control (Sadly, Tom is not included)
power windows and rear vent window
power driver seat
dual passenger heated seats (rrrrrarrrrr) and climate control
rear climate control
V6 engine
DVD with wide screen (dual screen. meaning the screen splits in two) and headphones
auto hook up for games
sun shades for all rear windows (because honestly, my kids' futures are pretty bright)
automatic and remote operated trunk

This is the same* van that is featured in the supremely awesomely bad ass "swagger wagon" videos found on
I know you want to see it. Go ahead... check it out. I'll wait here.

Did you watch it? I KNOW RIGHT?!?!?!  TOTALLY HILARIOUS!! So yeah... this van is totally famous.

*it is NOT the exact same van. It is not even the same model, but don't tell the van... it will totally destroy it's ego.

any interest whether it be heart-pounding enthusiastic, or just mild intrigue
call [insert phone number here]


  1. Hahahaha oh you are so awesome! Next time I sell something you are soooo going to help me list it! Lol!

  2. Sorry but I have to ask if its soo...sweet why are u selling it?

  3. FAIL! not once did you mention how much you wanted for your mom-mobile! kinda an important part of selling something is putting your over inflated price tag on it so people can talk you down to what you actually wanted for it and feel like they got a deal. lol

  4. @Houdini
    i purposely left the price off in my blog. it's in the real ad.

    any other stupid questions?

  5. Haha, nope no other stupid questions. Happy for u that u get to upgrade! Whatcha gonna get?