Friday, November 11, 2011

Eyebrows and cocktails.

These two should NEVER be mixed.
youtube version here


Pumpkin spice liquor
Goldshlagger (is there any way to 
pronounce that without sounding
Whipped Cream Vodka
Regular Absolut Vodka
Half and Half
Serve VERY chilled in martini glass. 


  1. Oh... my... God... I am laughing my ass off right now!!! This is absolutely priceless. The part where your kid wailed from downstairs was awesome. This is genius. It makes me wish I had the balls to do a video. You made my night!

    Except one thing... I tried to use one of those little eyebrow shaver things once and it didn't take any of the hairs off... it just scratched up my skin. Perhaps I shouldn't have bought it from the Dollar Tree. Or maybe I should have enjoyed some cocktails first...

    Definitely have to try the cocktails first thing. LOL!! I sent you an email, by the way! Check your inbox! :-)

    Have a great night... it looks like you already are! -Jenn

  2. Okay Darling... that was FUN!!!! Cups Up! oh wait a minute... your cup is up and empty! xoxo

  3. I just fell in love with you.

  4. Holy Shit! You are INSANE! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Laughing my ass off! I'm just really really glad you didn't do that whole "oops took a little too much off this brow...better even up with the other brow" thing, until you had nothing left. That would have been bad.

  5. That was greatness! You are a blast in a glass!