Friday, August 19, 2011

In Preparation of School Part 1

I know you've been waiting for it. My "back to school" blog. It will be a 3 part series.
Part 1: What I plan, and imagine it will be like
Part 2: Day before school freak out
Part 3: Back to school wrap up. (AKA: what really happened)

So here we go, Part 1.

The stage is set. The audience thirsts for adventure.... No wait that's not right, that's the opening scene for Rango.


Part 1.

Today is house cleaning and laundry day. Actually that's every day. But this day in particular is important for laundry. I will clean all of the children's clothing and sort it into 3 groups.
School, Play, Donate, Trash. Ok so 4 groups. I will then access their clothing situation and make sure I got all the new clothes they need. Next I will measure their walls and takes the necessary notes to begin construction of their new clothing hanging system.

Seriously- who invented dressers? They SUCK. You can't keep anything organized, you always forget what's on the bottom and the clothes don't get rotated enough. So I'm Big Daddy is going to build them something new. Something awesome. Something accessible.

Then, starting Monday the 22nd I'm going to start waking them up early, and putting them to bed early. We'll also practice our morning routine of showering, eating, dressing.... all before 8am. School starts August 31st so this should give us plenty of time to adjust. I'm also going to practice making lunches that have no nuts in it. Seriously? You can't teach your kid to not eat other people's food? Has it really come to this?

So this last week of August that's my plan. Make new clothing storage, adjust sleep schedule, practice lunch and breakfast. I imagine it will be perfect. We will be on time the first day of school. Hair will be clean, teeth will be brushed, tummies will be full, and lunch will be packed.

As for me... well I will go to the gym, watch a chick flick, get coffee by myself. The possibilities are ENDLESS!

This is the first year that both of my kids will be in school full time. I have entered a new phase of parenthood.  T minus 12 days!!!!


  1. Woohoo! Good luck to you all!

    I have it easy/ 1 kid & she goes to the Boys & Girls Club while I'm at work. She's happy for school to start because she can sleep in an extra 45 minutes!!

  2. PULEEEEZZ tell me if you truly make it to the gym. For real. I'm hoping that my fatASS will finally get back to the gym someday.....providing I survive the toddler years. Anyway, I will use you as inspiration for what's to come! Or at least, use you for some really good drink recipes.....which might also explain the fatASS....but, whatever.

  3. Oh, I am anxiously anticipating that stage. Many years to go! I will have to live vicariously through you. :)

  4. We don't start until September 6th. I will have one in full days, one in half days and one at home...think this summer vacation thing might be easier ;)