Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Me, duh.

I've decided I like to rant. You don't have to make sense, you don't have to agree with yourself in parts, and you really feel like you're getting it off your chest.

When I first started blogging, for someone reason, it was painfully easy to write. Boy did I have things on my mind. Funny things. It seems though, that nowadays I'm so good at getting things off my chest and expressing how I feel, that I no longer have material for blogging. Halelujah! I'm healed!

Then I thought, well I need to start a new, anonymous blog so that I can complain and really vent and no one will know who it's about. Then I realized I already do that... in my diary. By the way- a diary is a lovely audience. Also, I hate reading about people complaining nonstop, so that nixed that anon blog. *sigh*   Diary, you're my only friend. (*side note, Bing tells me that Pink Diary is most likely anime porn. good to know.)

Anywho- All of that has NOTHING to do with today's blog. No, today I'm going to tell you some fun facts about ME. Because this is MY blog, where I get to talk about ME.

  • Big Daddy and I buy a dozen roses every Sunday. If you come to my house on any given day, there will be roses on my table. It makes me happy. (In the fall I go a little nuts, I buy 3 dozen, and put them ALL OVER THE HOUSE. it's awesome)
  • Speaking of Fall, it is my favorite season. It's also my birthday season.
  • I am a firm believer in retail therapy. More than wine therapy (shock) and ice cream therapy (it's a close 2nd)
  • My favorite pastime is doing projects with my main squeeze. He builds it, I paint it. 
  • I like going to the movies alone. 
  • I like the warm spot on the pillow.
  • I'd rather deep clean a bathroom than do dishes. 
  • I gained 70lbs when I was pregnant the first time. I saw it as a hall pass to eat whateverthefuck I wanted. 
  • I wouldn't trade my mini-van for an SUV for ANYTHING. (on a side note- we have a "no eating in the car" rule. It works and my car doesn't stink)
  • I don't like being barefoot in the house... or anywhere really. 
  • Speaking of feet, I skip the massage part of pedicures because my calves are too sensitive.
  • I hate bologna because when I was young and poor my mom made us eat it for lunch... for a week.
  • I have 5 tattoos.
  • I miss all my friends that I don't live near with such depth and intensity that it physically hurts to think about it. 
  • I would eat strawberry ice cream more if it didn't have those damn chunks of strawberries in it. Same thing for the jam. Trader Joe's is the ONLY place I'll buy strawberry jam from because it's smooth. 
  • I DO think my kids are the cutest things on the planet. In fact, my daughter is LUCKY she is so cute. Sometimes I'll ratty up her hair and smear jelly all over her face so I can stay mad at her. 
  • When I was younger I wanted to be a wife and mother when I grew up (thank you Mormon religion. I could have been an astronaut!!) So now, here I am... livin' the dream. 
  • Oh yeah, I was brought up Mormon, then came to my senses when I was 18. (no offense to my Mormon readers out there)
So there ya go. Everything you never cared about knowing about me. Next blog: our new school schedule and how I've deluded myself into thinking "this year is the year i'll get it right". 


  1. Oh my gosh! I am so with you on the rather clean a bathroom than do dishes! I HATE doing dishes with a passion!

    Also...do you still want to be a wife and mom? Or did you change your mind after having kids ;-) Jk.

  2. I love random facts! I too, enjoy solo movies (although not the type the PeeWee Herman likes) and I HATE doing dishes.

    And...I gave you a blogging award. It's not a true, 'You like me you really like me' award, but it's one of those fun blogger's choice awards. I follow your stuff on Facebook and I read your blog and I think you are quite hilarious. If you would like to accept it, please click the link below:

    The Crunchy (Grouchy) Mommy - mommyiscrunchy.blogspot.com

  3. I can't believe you don't like the massage part of a pedicure!!! My favourite thing to give!!
    And.. I love bare feet!!
    What are your tattoos of??

  4. bare feet all the way baby! I am soo loving the flowers each week.. I love fresh flowers in my house and think people should have to bring them to me each time they stop by.. even the mail man :) ha ha