Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I have a lot more time on my hands these days. Not only that, but I have a lot less noise in my head. The benefit of this is that I can understand myself better. Instead of always thinking in terms of status update or blog posts... I can think about anything I want.  Lately I've been thinking about the things that make me happy. There are a lot. TONS of things that make me happy. AND, not only that, but if i'm listening to the right music... EVERYTHING makes me happy. Everyone and everything looks beautiful.

In my old car I had a DVD player and the kids were always watching movies. I never really had the opportunity to listen to whatever I wanted. I don't have a DVD player in my new car and I LOVE that. I listen to music, 99% chill, pretty music. My kids, in turn, are chill. That makes me happy because music is to my soul what water is to plants.

There is an older gentleman that walks his dog in the morning. I see him just about everyday on my way home from dropping off the kids at school. He looks like he was cool. He wears jeans and hoodies and skate shoes. He has white hair and creases in his skin.  He always has a face that looks like it's half smiling. I started smiling at him.  He smiled back. It is this really great, full, happy smile. Then I took it up a notch and started waving to him. Holy moly! He waves back with such enthusiasm! Like he's trying to get his friends attention at the airport.  Then I started noticing that I'm not the only one that does this! I was behind FIVE cars and ALL OF THEM WAVED. I thought he would keel over from the elation his face was exuding.

This is the highlight of my day. Seeing this guy. Seeing his happy face. I bet it's the highlight of his day. Seeing these strangers day after day and waving to them. The first day that I didn't see him I was worried. I was sad. Luckily he was back the next day. Some days I don't see him but I don't worry like I used to. He's more consistent, then he is not. Does that make sense? Also, I left him a Holiday card  because I know where he lives. =)

I started doing pinterest not very long ago. One of the things I like about it is that I can categorize my happiness. I can define it, label it, and tuck it away. Then I can pull it out whenever I want to look at it, add to it, take something away..... It makes me happy.

I rearranged my daughters room yesterday. This made me very happy. I took 4 LARGE bags of toys to the Goodwill this morning. She is only getting one new toy for Christmas. The rest is art supplies. Same applies for my son. This makes me happy also and I know the benefits of this.

I'm renting an RV for the holidays.  This is something my son has ALWAYS wanted to do. It is something of an obsession. (If you know someone with autism you can imagine what this obsession can be like) He informed me that he would rather have the RV than gifts. Good enough for me!  I can NOT WAIT to see his face and hear his little voice squeal with delight. He will hop on his toes, flap his hands then clench them, and scream. Then my daughter will scream so she can be heard over him but Mr. CEO and I will just look at them and smile, our hearts full of joy to please them so much. I will enjoy the RV because I will be drunk all day. (I'm joking) ((Sort of)) At any rate, THAT makes me happy too. =)

So this blog is full of ramblings. There are plenty of other things that make me happy but this is what is in the forefront of my mind. This is what I'm thinking about and smiling about right now.

I feel like I'm losing my humor but to be honest... I'm going through a pensive time right now. I like it. I'm 32 so that makes sense. I'm about to have a maturity/clarity spurt. Those of you in your 40s and more know what I'm talking about.

Funny shenanigans will come up soon. I promise.

Today's playlist is:
"jar of hearts"
"a thousand years"
all by Christine Perri

They sound sad... but they're beautiful. The music makes me happy.


  1. Oh! You are so cute! This is such a happy post! I love it! :-) I am glad you are so happy and stuff! Aw, I love you!

  2. Miss you on Facebook, but happy to see you're, well, so happy! Hope it carries and grows in 2012! Just stopping by to say hello : )